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EP237 Writer, Producer, Actor: Miranda Kwok

She is the creator and producer of the show “The Cleaning Lady” currently on Fox and Hulu, please welcome, Miranda Kwok! She has worked around all angles of the camera and just recently signed with WME, one of the top agencies in the entertainment industry. Not only is she a talented Asian female creator in Hollywood but she is also an amazing human being. She is a motorcyclist, a black belt martial artist, and rugby player just to name a few. We get into all of this in this episode and discuss what is most important to her right now. Follow her on social media @miranda.kwok.88 and go watch The Cleaning Lady now!

EP236 Balance 2022

Welcome to the Rebirth of Tsunami Healing! Today we are focusing on our word for the year of 2022…Balance. Where do you need balance in your life? How can you better practice bringing balance into your daily routine? Why and how do we have a word for the year? What does that mean…to you? How can we wake up everyday and be better than we were yesterday? Walk with me on this journey as we discover and redefine the balance in our lives.

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