Monthly Archives: June 2021

EP224 Actress: Amber Friendly

Amber is the Audition Technique teacher at The Actor’s Studio of Orange County, is a professional writer and Actress herself, and I am beyond grateful to sit down and talk about acting with her on this episode! She is originally from the Midwest and we chat about her moving to the West Coast, her career in the industry thus far, what has and hasn’t worked for her, why she enjoys the craft so much and where she sees the industry going in the near future. Amber has taught me so much about the details that can set you apart from others and I am excited to have her share with you now!

Follow her on IMDb and all social media platforms @amberfriendly

EP223 Music Producer: Clint Fowler

Clint Fowler is the Music Producer for our recent guest, Lexi Layne. He is the brain behind her latest EP and I am grateful to have him share with us! We dive deep into music, how he got started, some of the projects he has worked, his love of fantasy and science fiction and much more! Follow him on instagram @clintcosmonaut