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EP218 Rave Culture Cast: Emma Kapotes

The Queen of the EDM industry and CEO & Founder of Rave Culture Cast, Emma Kapotes, is rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! We get into how she first started with YouTube videos, how she finds and presents her content, why she loves EDM and Music in general so much, all of her favorite artists, how this community of Ravers that she is building has been healing for her and everyone that is involved and much more! Listen to her podcast with new episodes coming out every Wednesday, join the Rave Culture Community on social media by following the handles below and we will see you at the next event when we are allowed to gather again. Keep Raving!

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EP217 Certified Grief & End of Life Coach: Jenny Dilts

Jenny is a certified grief and end of life coach who has come to share with us on today’s episode. We discuss all of the tough topics around grief like how to best support someone who is grieving, why grief as an emotion gets a negative perspective from society, why people who grieve are not broken and don’t need to be fixed, how and why to move toward all of those uncomfortable feelings quickly and much more. We all dive into Jenny personal intuition and how she has rediscovered Jenny in her own journey to helping others. If you would like to work with her then you can find her on LinkedIn and Facebook @grievingcoach as well as the link below. Remember you are not alone and it is Powerful to get the help that you need!


EP216 Alien Planet: Alexandra Bokova & Alan Maxson

Alan Maxson is back Wavehealernation! Now he is the writer and director of his new feature film, Alien Planet. The lead actress of the movie joins us as well, Alexandra Bokova. We dive deep into how he came up with the concept of this film, which features two alien species that have been battling for years but are forced to unite to face bigger problems. We also get into how it has been so far for Alexandra bringing her character to life, how their individual acting journeys have brought them to this moment, how the message of unity is still so relevant today and much more. You can find them both on social media @monster_maxson & @alexandrabokova_

You can continue to show support through their crowd fundraiser at link  below: