Monthly Archives: July 2020

EP203 Comic Con At Home Review

For the first time ever, we experienced Comic Con online with Comic Con at Home! It was unique, fun, interesting, not quite the same, filled the gaps in many ways and definitely different. Join me as we Recap and look to better days. The weekend of the event my internet went but it’s all good because the content still lives online! Find out what some of my personal favorite panels were, why I love Comic Con so much and how we are moving forward. Thank You Comic Con for putting together such an extensive program for everyone to enjoy!

EP202 Twitch Streamer: Tammy Truong

Tammy Truong is a singer turned streamer and she is joining us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Tammy has been streaming, playing video games, developing an online personality and creating content for some time now. She fell into it as singing was her first passion. A series of life events made her realize that gaming was the common ground and path that was for her to start using her voice to help heal the world. Find out how she started, what her favorites games are to live stream, why she loves penguins and much more! Follow her on Twitch @penguitalks

EP201 CEO & Founder of Determined By Design: Kia Weatherspoon

Kia Weatherspoon is the CEO & Founder of Determined By Design Interior Design Firm and she is sharing her journey with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Find out how and why she pursued becoming a licensed, certified interior designer, how she has been speaking out and making an impact in the design community with current events, how she influenced me to start this podcast and much more! You can find her on social media @determinedbydesign and at the link below.

“Interior Designers, Storytellers, Architects, + Creatives are the makers of space + communities. At Determined by Design our design’s are shaped by our core belief well-designed interior spaces are not a luxury for a few but a standard for all! Our why is to advocate for design equity so every person’s value is uplifted by the spaces they inhabit.”