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EP163 William Granillo: Horrowelt

William Granillo is playing one of the monsters in The upcoming Independent Horror Film: Horrowelt and he is Rocking with us to share the journey along the way on this episode! William is a scareactor at Universal Studios Hollywood, has been in the Haunt Industry and working with Boneyard FX for several years now. We dive into all of that, how William got on this project and much more! Follow him on instagram @william_1030 and check out the link below to see how you can get involved and help support Horrorwelt and The Blutsauger Legion now!!

EP162 G-Moto: Bamboo Fluteboxer

G-Moto is a Taiko Drummer, Bamboo Fluteboxer and Performer. He is a former member of “taikomotion” and current, performing member of “La Jolla Taiko.” We got the opportunity to connect through Anime Los Angeles in Ontario, CA. Now he is sharing his journey along the way with everyone! We get into how drumming and performing is fun for him, how he developed his stage name, what inspired him to go this route and much more! Follow him on social media to find out about his upcoming performances and at the link below:

EP161 Daniela V. Fernandez: Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Founder & CEO of The Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Daniela V. Fernandez, joins us on EP161 of Tsunami Healing! At age 19, Daniela founded SOA as a college-room idea at Georgetown University. Five years later, SOA has created the world’s largest network of young Ocean Leaders in over 150 countries and launched the world’s first Ocean Solutions Accelerator to support developing technological solutions to address the greatest threats facing our planet. Daniela has been recognized for her work by former U.S. Secretary John Kerry, U.S. President Bill Clinton, and E.U. Commissioner Karmenu Vella. She is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and a member of Friends of Ocean Action—a select group of leaders working to fast-track solutions to ocean challenges. She was awarded the 2020 Rising Star Visionary Award by the Silicon Valley Forum and named a 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur. She sharing her journey with us on this episode and we are extremely grateful and honored to have her be a part of The Wavehealernation!! Follow along on social media to see how you can do your part @soalliance & @dvfernandez and at the links below:

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EP160 Christian Meni: Painter & Pyrographer

Indigenous and Urban Artist, Christian Meni, joins us as part of The Samoan Dynasty to share his journey of artwork and creative expression. We linked up through Long Beach Comic Expo and get into wrestling, athletics, animation, family, culture, heritage and his artwork. Be sure to follow him on instagram @skufius to grab your favorite gear!

EP159 Mary Gibbs: Pasadena Comic Con & Toy Show

The Voice of Boo from Disney Pixar’s Monster Inc, Mary Gibbs, joins us Live from Pasadena Comic Con & Toy Show! Find out how she got this unique opportunity and platform at such a young age but then actually choose to go a completely different route as she is currently studying to become a physical therapist. She is also a yoga teacher and artist. It was a pleasure to connect with her and discuss how she has already made such a great impact. Follow her on social media @marymgibbs & @boo_grown_up

EP158 George Wright: Dubler Studio Kit

George Wright is the Co-Founder & CEO of Vochlea Music and he joins us LIVE from NAMM in Anaheim to the Brand New Dubler Studio Kit. It allows you to hum a synth pattern, beatbox to trigger a drumkit and much more..all in real time! Think of it like a MIDI Keyboard and MPC rolled into one, but controlled using the voice. George explains how it works for making music fun and easier, especially when first getting started. Check them out on YouTube at the link below and on social media @vochlea

EP157 Staging Concepts: Jessica Ley

Liver from NAMM 2020 in Anaheim, Jessica Ley of Portable Stage Equipment Company, Staging Concepts, joins us to share their new product they distribute, the Series Model-K Stackable Theater Chair and Seating System. We also go into some of the history of the company, how she wound up at NAMM and how this journey has been fun for her along the way! If you are looking for some event and/or staging equipment fast, then you can find them on instagram @staging_concepts twitter @stagingconcepts and at the link below:


EP156 Jalisco: Kayden Phoenix & Amanda Julina Gonzalez

Writer, Kayden Phoenix, and Artist, Amanda Julina Gonzalez, of the Jalisco comic book series join us to share this story of a powerful Latina Superhero that fights crime through the tradition of folklorico dance. We recently met them at Long Beach Comic Expo and are now here with them LIVE at Pasadena Comic Con & Toy Show as sat in their panels “Rise of the Latina Superhero.” These ladies have so much to teach us about Adelitas, Chicana culture, what women have been craving for in being represented in the superhero genre and the heritage/representation that they bring to this story. We are excited to have them here with us and follow along on social media @jaliscosuperhero @kaydenphoenix @amandajulina to find them at their next event as well as purchase the comic book! You can also do so at the link below:

EP155 BandPay: DeCarlos Garrison

We are LIVE at NAMM 2020 in Anaheim, CA and we are joined by Co-Founder of The BandPay App, DeCarlos Garrison. The Brand new app that is geared specifically for the music industry. Learn all about the milestone and amount features that this app with provide. We also get into how they found the need for this app to be created, the music industry as a whole and how the journey of the development of this particular app has been for them so far! Follow along on social media for the official release date and all the upcoming details.

EP154 Brad Masters: Horrorwelt

Brad Masters plays the character, Thomas, in the Brand New Horrorwelt Film and he is taking the time to share his Epic Journey of making his way onto this project with us on this Episode! Brad does many things outside of acting in horror films such as currently playing the character of Dracula at Universal Studios Hollywood during the day. Find out how he first met director of Horrowelt, Larry Bones, and got involved in the Haunt Industry! You can join the Blutsauger Legion and support the making of the film at the link below: