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EP95 Luchagore Productions: Gigi Saul Guerrero

Co-founder of Luchagore Productions, Director/Actress: Gigi Saul Guerrero joins us to share her journey of becoming one of the most popular, young talents in the film and entertainment industry today focusing on the Hispanic Horror Genre. Luchagore has produced multiple short films, been involved with Blumhouse, Warner Bros, Netflix, multiple film festivals and started right out of film school as a student production company. Gigi now has her Feature Film, Culture Shock, being presented at Etheria Film Night at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on June 29, 2019. Tickets can be purchased here ( The film will then be available on Hulu and has quickly become known as the Hispanic version of “Get Out.” So be sure to follow Gigi and Luchagore Productions on social media @horrorguerrero & @luchagore You can also reach out to her and the team at the link below

Luchagore – Home

EP94 The VoiceOver Network: Rachael Naylor

Owner & Producer of The VoiceOver Network, The Buzz Magazine (the only magazine dedicated to the VO Industry) and Get Your Game On Voice Over Expo: Rachael Naylor joins us all the way from London, UK. She is bringing us up to speed on how to get started in Voice Over, what has worked best for her when taking those Entrepreneurial steps, building this Luxurious Voice Over Community that we all love, how to remain true to your passion and keep going. If you would like to join The VoiceOver Network then do so at the link below and use Promo Code: RACHAEL2019 for a huge discount…You will be glad you didn’t wait any longer!!

EP93 Orange County Production Studios: Rick Sherman

While studying Voice Over at Del Media Arts in Irvine, CA I had the opportunity to attend Orange County Production Studios where I met Audio Producer, Rick Sherman. It was there that I got to do my first ever ADR (Audio Dialogue Replacement) Session with him. Today he is sharing his AMAZING story of how he got into Audio Production, how he first started with music, how he used to do music therapy and guided imagery, all while becoming a performer and entertainer here in Southern California. He recently celebrated his 40th Anniversary performing at The Village Inn in Balboa as well as in the Balboa Parade. If you would like to work with Rick on your next project, then you can find him at the link below:


EP92 Wilsonart International Product Design Director: Gwen Petter

Lead Designer of Wilsonart International Engineered Surfaces, Gwen Petter joins us LIVE at the Gaylord Resort right outside of Dallas, Texas. The Dream comes true as we have our First, Official Designer on the show! We get into how the design team picks how the wall boards will be displayed, what colors go in the binder that will make it into actual Architecture & Design firms around the world, how designers influence the spaces people interact with everyday and how that can be a healing attribute for the clients, the difference between decorator vs. designer….All while getting to know Gwen and how much she truly loves what she does! To check out all the latest that Wilsonart offers, follow them on social media @wilsonart and check out the link below:


EP91 First Comics News: Rik Offenberger

Comics, Games, Movies, Wrestling & Everything in between!! It only makes sense to bring in Rik Offenberger from First Comics News to join Tsunami Healing. He is sharing all the tips and tricks of what has worked best for him over the years in the business aspect, how they create content, his experience of comic-con then and now and how all of this adds joy in his life. We first chopped it up at Wondercon 2018 (the panel that Tim Chizmar and I met at!!) and I am thankful to have him here now. To stay up to date on all the nerd culture mentioned above follow them on social media @firstcomicsnews and at the link below:

EP90 Epic Home Haunts: Director Josh Quillin

Recently I was at the screening of the Epic Home Haunts Documentary Feature Film at the Frida Cinema in Santa California and got the chance to meet the Director, Josh Quillin. He is a huge haunt fan, great all around guy and is here to share with us the journey of bringing this film to life. You may have a new perspective of the horror industry and why so many people love it after listening to this episode. So take and peek and find out what they have in store for this upcoming Halloween season, this year’s Midsummer Scream and how you can get your eyes on Epic Home Haunts. Available now on iTunes and Amazon. Be sure to follow the series and josh on all social media platforms at @joshquillin & @epichomehaunts & Can’t get enough?? Find more at the link below:

Epic Home Haunts

EP89 Vickie Guerrero…EXCUSE ME!!

Former WWE Superstar, Talent & Manager, Vickie Guerrero, joins us to discuss all the ventures and projects she has been working on recently. We dive into her Acting and Voice Over career, meeting each other at Wondercon 2019 in Anaheim, honoring Eddie Guerrero’s Legacy & presence, discuss how she has become the official host of The Jericho Cruise early next year, AEW, how her daughter, Shaul Guerrero, will be joining The Jericho Cruise as well, the state of the wrestling industry and so much more!! Follow her on Twitter: @vickieguerrero Instagram: @guerrero_vickie If you would like to book her for your next project then you can find her at the link below: