EP234 BlackRos3: Anime Rock Band

BlackRos3 is an Anime Rock Band from Las Vegas and I Finally got to see them perform live at the Long Beach Convention Center at Anime Los Angeles!! Now they are Rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing. We discuss how the duo came together, what about making music for them is a healing theme in their lives, how they gravitate toward the style of Anime Rock Music and much more! Follow them on social media @blackros3band and at the link below:


EP233 TemperMental: Rock Band

TemperMental is an all-girl rock band quickly gaining notoriety in the L.A. music scene. I got to see them perform live at Anime Los Angeles at the Long Beach Convention center. Now they are Rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! We get into how they first started, their love for anime, what it is like being a teenager in a rock band and how they have formed a sisterhood just by making music together. Follow them on Social Media @tempermentaltheband and at the link below:


EP232 Comic Con Revolution Review 2021

What a fantastic weekend of panels, comics, special guest, connection and fun! After being gone for almost 2 years, it was so nice to be back at Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, CA to bring in the holiday joy. Join me in reliving all the memories made right here on this episode and be sure to check out the review video on YouTube to get a glimpse from my perspective.Follow the link below for all the convention details:


EP231 Actor: Tommy Walker

(We were both wearing masks during this interview for safety purposes)

You have seen him on the TV Show Daredevil, in the movies Primal & Jiu Jitsu and now he is developing his own feature film, and are discussing it ALL on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Tommy takes on the journey of unfortunately losing his parents, to getting married and having his first child, while working on all of these various projects. He explains how acting has been a great outlet for him to process, channel and express himself through different projects and I am so grateful to have gotten to connect with him this weekend!! Follow him on all the socials @tommy.walker

EP230 Actress: Jackie Dallas

(We were both wearing masks during this interview for safety purposes)

You’ve seen her in Stranger Things, Devil’s Revenge, The Bold and The Beautiful, and will be seeing her in the upcoming feature film The Free Fall…Now she is Rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Jackie and I discuss how she got started in acting, some of her creative process to stay mentally and physically healthy as a professional actress and how exciting her experience of acting has been so far! Follow her on all the socials @jaxdallas and find out details about how to book her for your next project or get coached by her to land your next role at the the link below:


EP229 LA Comic Con 2021 Review

It was such a pleasure being back at LACC after two full years! From the new gaming arena to all of the exciting panels, it was simply enticing just to be swept up in everything that this convention has to offer. As I take you from the exhibit floor to the front row, get ready for a fun ride and enjoy the cosplay along the way! Follow them on social media and make sure to download the official LA Comic Con app to get all the details! @comicconla

EP228 King of the Cage: Kick Start 2021 Review

From Ontario, CA at the Toyota Arena I take you inside and all around the ring in this full review of the King of the Cage Kick Start event…our first MMA event! What a night packed full of fights, fun and entertainment! New champions were crowned, blood was shed and it was defiantly an unforgettable night! Relive all the magic with me on this episode and find all the details for KOTC at the link below:


EP227 Retired Battalion Chief Rod MacDonald

Rod has over 30 years of firefighter and first responder experience and he is sharing with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! We discuss what it was like being a part of the motorcycle club, his early interest of motorcycles, mental health as a whole, ways to support and provide solutions moving forward and much more! You can purchase your copy of the movie and follow along on social media at the links below:





EP226 Director of “Florian Knights” Panayioti Yannitsos

Director Panayioti Yannitsos joins us on this Exciting episode of Tsunami Healing! Pan is the director of the new film, Florian Knights. A film about where firefighters form a motorcycle club to cope with the effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). They ran into some problems and everything got shut down. This raises a bigger conversation of trauma, mental health, providing help for not only our first responders but people who have suffered as well. Florian Knights is available on Video On Demand platforms on November 23rd!

Follow along on social media @floriansknightsmovie and at the link below:


EP225 Cover of Darkness Comic Book

Co-Arthurs George Michail and Christal Cam of the New & Upcoming comic book, Cover of Darkness, join us on this episode to discuss the series! George is a returning guest and this time he brought his partner in crime with him…his cousin and co-arthur Christal. We chat about what it took to get this book finished and out to the world, their creative process together, what gave them the inspiration to move forward with this project, and much more. Be sure to go to your local comic book store and request that they order Cover of Darkness now.

Follow George & Christal on Instagram @comic_book_george and at the link below: