EP227 Retired Battalion Chief Rod MacDonald

Rod has over 30 years of firefighter and first responder experience and he is sharing with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! We discuss what it was like being a part of the motorcycle club, his early interest of motorcycles, mental health as a whole, ways to support and provide solutions moving forward and much more! You can purchase your copy of the movie and follow along on social media at the links below:





EP226 Director of “Florian Knights” Panayioti Yannitsos

Director Panayioti Yannitsos joins us on this Exciting episode of Tsunami Healing! Pan is the director of the new film, Florian Knights. A film about where firefighters form a motorcycle club to cope with the effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). They ran into some problems and everything got shut down. This raises a bigger conversation of trauma, mental health, providing help for not only our first responders but people who have suffered as well. Florian Knights is available on Video On Demand platforms on November 23rd!

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EP225 Cover of Darkness Comic Book

Co-Arthurs George Michail and Christal Cam of the New & Upcoming comic book, Cover of Darkness, join us on this episode to discuss the series! George is a returning guest and this time he brought his partner in crime with him…his cousin and co-arthur Christal. We chat about what it took to get this book finished and out to the world, their creative process together, what gave them the inspiration to move forward with this project, and much more. Be sure to go to your local comic book store and request that they order Cover of Darkness now.

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EP224 Actress: Amber Friendly

Amber is the Audition Technique teacher at The Actor’s Studio of Orange County, is a professional writer and Actress herself, and I am beyond grateful to sit down and talk about acting with her on this episode! She is originally from the Midwest and we chat about her moving to the West Coast, her career in the industry thus far, what has and hasn’t worked for her, why she enjoys the craft so much and where she sees the industry going in the near future. Amber has taught me so much about the details that can set you apart from others and I am excited to have her share with you now!

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EP223 Music Producer: Clint Fowler

Clint Fowler is the Music Producer for our recent guest, Lexi Layne. He is the brain behind her latest EP and I am grateful to have him share with us! We dive deep into music, how he got started, some of the projects he has worked, his love of fantasy and science fiction and much more! Follow him on instagram @clintcosmonaut

EP222 Dominate: Lexi Layne & Nikki Carmela

Lexi and Nikki are back with a brand new song…Dominate! Lexi and Nikki are best friends of 20+ years and are practical sisters. Lexi is a singer and dancer…Nikki is a makeup artist. They are both originally from South Florida and now they are here in Los Angeles continuing to make major moves! We are discussing how the creative journey of developing this song/project together, the fetish/bdsm community, music, makeup, being creative in general, having this outlet to express themselves has been healing, therapeutic, empowering and fun for both of them! Go listen to the song “Dominate” on all streaming platforms now and follow them on the socials @lexi_layne & @nikkicarmela

Listen Here:

EP221 Author & Hypnotherapist: Belinda Farrell

She is author of the book “Find Your Friggin Joy,” has completed 18 different firewalks, was a stunt actor, swam with dolphins and sharks in Hawaii, and has endured many life experiences! Belinda Farrell joins us of this episode of Tsunami Healing. Belinda has had an amazing life of transformation through taking action from some tragic events that have happened to her. She is sharing it all with us and much more. Make sure you pick up a copy of her book to go past this conversion where all books are found and at the link below:


EP220 Content Creator: Kiana

Kiana is a content creator, rave and edm influencer, and she is here sharing with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! She has had such a journey from when she first started up until recently as she has taken more of an Activist type role on her platforms for the Asian American community. We are discussing all of that in addition to how edm music is empowering for her, bringing awareness to toxic masculinity, treating women better as a whole, rave and live event etiquette, how to respect boundaries in different areas as people, some of her favorite edm artists, best festival experiences and much more!

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @kianas.gram & on Twitch @kianasworld

EP219 VP Sales Director of EB Bradley Co: Jonathan Thompson

Our newly appointed VP of Sales, Jonathan Thompson, joins us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Jonathan has had some cool experiences before he came to the corporate world and he is sharing with us his days of working graphic design, how a good friend of his gave him a new perspective on life and we get into some of the fun things that we have gotten to do together so far with our time together at EB Bradley. It was an honor and pleasure to be able to get to do this and I am grateful to be at this company with people like Jonathan. We hope you enjoy!

EP218 Rave Culture Cast: Emma Kapotes

The Queen of the EDM industry and CEO & Founder of Rave Culture Cast, Emma Kapotes, is rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! We get into how she first started with YouTube videos, how she finds and presents her content, why she loves EDM and Music in general so much, all of her favorite artists, how this community of Ravers that she is building has been healing for her and everyone that is involved and much more! Listen to her podcast with new episodes coming out every Wednesday, join the Rave Culture Community on social media by following the handles below and we will see you at the next event when we are allowed to gather again. Keep Raving!

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