EP241 Actor & Teacher: Philip Orazio

Philip Orazio is an Actor and a teacher at The Actor’s Studio of Orange County. He is my most current acting teacher and he is rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Recently Philip was on Episode 8 of the show Minx (HBO Max), will be starring in the series Gaslit (Starz) and will be the Lead in multiple plays in the upcoming Utah Shakespeare Festival this summer! We discuss all of this, how he first started, his battle with being a dyslexic actor and much more! You can find Philip Orazio on IMDB to book him for your next upcoming project.

EP240 Supervising Sound Editor: Ethan Beigel

Ethan is currently the Sound Editing Supervisor for Warner Bros. with over 20 years of experience in the industry including projects such as Minx on HBO Max, You on Netflix, The Flash, Riverdale and much more. He is a 3-time Golden Reel Award nominee for his work on Revolt, 30 for 30 and The Stoning of Soraya M. He also has experience in film making and independent feature films. Ethan Beigel joins us on this Episode to discuss his journey, getting back into DnD and much more!

EP239 Production Designer: Marek Dobrowolski

Marek Dobrowolski is an Emmy Award Winning Production Designer who has worked on projects such as the final season of The Walking Dead, TV Show The Last Ship and feature film I’ll Find You. He joins us today to share his 20 year journey in the entertainment industry and some of his most unforgettable moments that have personal moved his own soul. I am grateful to get the chance to connect with Marek and we hope that you enjoy just as much as we did!


EP238 Wondercon 2022 Review

After almost 3 years we are back in person at the Anaheim Convention Center for Wondercon 2022!! I am so grateful to be a part of all of the magic and bring it to you in a different way through YouTube this year. Be sure to check out the Tsunami Healing YouTube channel for all of the visual action and enjoy this review that I put together to recap all of the moments that we have waited so long for. Follow Wondercon and Comic Con on all social media platforms to stay up to date of what is going on in the community.

EP237 Writer, Producer, Actor: Miranda Kwok

She is the creator and producer of the show “The Cleaning Lady” currently on Fox and Hulu, please welcome, Miranda Kwok! She has worked around all angles of the camera and just recently signed with WME, one of the top agencies in the entertainment industry. Not only is she a talented Asian female creator in Hollywood but she is also an amazing human being. She is a motorcyclist, a black belt martial artist, and rugby player just to name a few. We get into all of this in this episode and discuss what is most important to her right now. Follow her on social media @miranda.kwok.88 and go watch The Cleaning Lady now!

EP236 Balance 2022

Welcome to the Rebirth of Tsunami Healing! Today we are focusing on our word for the year of 2022…Balance. Where do you need balance in your life? How can you better practice bringing balance into your daily routine? Why and how do we have a word for the year? What does that mean…to you? How can we wake up everyday and be better than we were yesterday? Walk with me on this journey as we discover and redefine the balance in our lives.

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EP235 AnimeLosAngeles19 Review

We are a few weeks removed from AnimeLA 19 now, so we had plenty of time to soak in all the good, new memories we experienced! Take a look back with me as we remember a great weekend and talk about what we could potentially see for future shows!

Find all the details at the link: https://animelosangeles.org/

EP234 BlackRos3: Anime Rock Band

BlackRos3 is an Anime Rock Band from Las Vegas and I Finally got to see them perform live at the Long Beach Convention Center at Anime Los Angeles!! Now they are Rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing. We discuss how the duo came together, what about making music for them is a healing theme in their lives, how they gravitate toward the style of Anime Rock Music and much more! Follow them on social media @blackros3band and at the link below:


EP233 TemperMental: Rock Band

TemperMental is an all-girl rock band quickly gaining notoriety in the L.A. music scene. I got to see them perform live at Anime Los Angeles at the Long Beach Convention center. Now they are Rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! We get into how they first started, their love for anime, what it is like being a teenager in a rock band and how they have formed a sisterhood just by making music together. Follow them on Social Media @tempermentaltheband and at the link below:


EP232 Comic Con Revolution Review 2021

What a fantastic weekend of panels, comics, special guest, connection and fun! After being gone for almost 2 years, it was so nice to be back at Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, CA to bring in the holiday joy. Join me in reliving all the memories made right here on this episode and be sure to check out the review video on YouTube to get a glimpse from my perspective.Follow the link below for all the convention details: