EP30 Drum Therapy

Welcome to the World of Drum Therapy. What is Drum Therapy you ask!? It is a form of creative release. Hear all about my journey to Drum Therapy, what it can do you and how to start today, as in right now! This expressive art form has been so helpful for me and I wanted to share yet another form of healing for all those that are looking to try new ways of bringing more joy into lives. Here I demonstrate some drums for you, go into the history of drums and how people can use it as meditation. From one healer to the next, I hope you enjoy. Happy Drumming!!

EP29 The End of An Era: Rick West

The Founder of Theme Park Adventure (TPA) & Creative Director of Midsummer Scream, Rick West, is here LIVE from The VIP Room of The Cauldron in Buena Park, CA to share All of the cosmic shoots and ladders of his journey from the beginnings of his fan site, Theme Park Adventure to the Monster of the Halloween Convention known as Midsummer Scream and everything in between!! After 24 years of running TPA, it is now retired and we are deep diving to what lead him to make that tough decision along with what lies of him in the craziest ride of them all…Life. Join us as we had our First LIVE Audience for the show and Feel All of the emotions that lead us to this Heartfelt moment. Not to mention, that we take a Sneek Peek Look into what they have in store for Midsummer Scream 2019!! Be sure to come to the final TPA mixer This Sunday 9/9/18 at The Totally 80’s bar in Fullerton, CA to experience The End of the TPA Era!!

If you would like to reach out to Rick you can find him on social media @rickwest999

Tickets Now On Sale! Haunts Horror Halloween – 7/28-29, 2018 – Long Beach, Los Angeles

EP28 Journalism

Expressing your inner thoughts through creative writing in a journal is topic of source on this episode. Learn some helpful tips and ideas to get you started, especially if you are new to writing things down in a journal or would like some new, helpful ways to get outside of yourself. Thanks for tuning in and happy journaling!

EP27 Midsummer Scream 2018

My personal Recap of Midsummer Scream 2018. Hear what is was like to announce all the panels for the second stage, some fun fan interactions and how far they took it this year. Simply WOW!! To find out even more be sure to follow Midsummer Scream on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Official Link Below:

Tickets Now On Sale! Haunts Horror Halloween – 7/28-29, 2018 – Long Beach, Los Angeles

EP26 Ted Dougherty

Writer, Producer, Director and Rock Star of The Themed Entertainment Industry: Ted Dougherty is with us today!! We discuss moments throughout his career of working with Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Knotts Scary Farm, his recent project MurderCo with Jon Cooke, his upcoming ventures at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and so much more. We find where he gathers his inspirations, where and how he first started as a young child growing up here in Southern California and all facets of this world of macabre.

If you would like to reach to Ted for any reason, you can get in contact with him here:

Lunar Visions


EP25 The Teller of Tales

He is The Voice of The Heavy Metal Rock Band Blakestein…He is The Official Voice of Midsummer Scream. And Now, Please Welcome The Official Advocate & Spokesperson of Tsunami Healing: The Teller of Tales. Find out his story and how this collaboration came into being right here on this episode!!

EP24 Aurora Persichetti: Murder House Productions

Straight Out of Midsummer Scream 2018!! One of the Hottest Talents and Youngest Designers in the Industry Right Now…She is One of The Founders of Murder House Productions and had her maze Trick R’ Treat (based of off the original movie) in the Hall of Shadows at Midsummer Scream This Year, which was Raved about!! The Future of The Haunt Industry…Aurora Persichetti.

We are talking all things Haunt, Horror, How she got started, what you can do to get started on making All of Your maze design/haunted house ideas become reality, our Recap of Midsummer Scream, what to Expect this Halloween from Murder House Productions and much more Right Here!

If you would like to work with her or reach out if you have questions you can find her at:

Facebook: Murder House Productions

Twitter & Instagram: @mhphaunt

Email: murderhouseprod@gmail.com

EP23 Devin Dugan: ImprovCity

Devin Dugan, Creative Director of ImprovCity, is finally here on the show! He is a good friend of mine and my current improv instructor. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry and he is here to share with us today. We are talking all things improv, his journey from stand up comedy, his recent short film “They Call Me George”, and some other cool projects and opportunities he had throughout the years. And we even share some of our favorite improv moments. Get ready to dive into some fun, crazy laughs as we explore the creative arts together!!

EP22 Amelia Fortes: Self Love Story

Queen ily has Arrived! Founder & CEO of Self Love Story, Amelia Fortes joins us today in celebration of the company’s Official 2 year Anniversary!! She is sharing her journey to her brand, creating her own company, moving from New York to LA, working on Wall Street & with Robert Kiyosaki and her own walk in personal development. We also deep dive into Women’s Empowerment, the feminine energy and lessons she has learned along the way. Not to mention that she is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Love, Money & Relationship Coach and how she decided that was who she wanted to be. Find out all that and more in this episode! If you would like to work with her then you can reach out to here at the links below:


Instagram & Twitter: @theameliafortes

Facebook (Page & Group): @selflovestory

Free 45 minute session with her through this episode…Listen & Reach Out Now!!!

EP21 Avital Miller: Healing Happens

Out with her Brand New Book: “Healing Happens” I am delighted to have on the show Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning International Keynote Speaker, Healing Breakthrough Facilitator & Global Dancer: Avital Miller! We deep dive into her intensive career, background and experiences. We talk about our days at Enlightened Warrior Camp together, all the details of her book that just came out “Healing Happens”, her journey getting there and what life has been like for her through all of these discoveries. You can find her at the links below. Be sure to get her book on Amazon or at your local Barnes & Noble. Now prepared to be dazzled by the Epitome of Tsunami Healing herself!!