EP86 Dave Walsh: TrueTell VO

TrueTell™ founder Dave Walsh has enjoyed a truly multi-faceted career on both sides of the Hollywood glass, as successful artist, coach and director as well as studio executive. He has been a key national and international voiceover talent for almost 20 years, fronting signature campaigns for commercial and television icons including AT&T, HBO, Honda, Entertainment Tonight (ET), Modern Marvels, Shell, NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Wells Fargo, The E! True Hollywood Story, CBS’ Big Brother and Hyundai. Dave has also spent the better part of the last decade coaching and cultivating the voiceover careers of some of the most established artists in the United States, Canada and Latin America. As executive at CBS/Paramount Television and owner of his own research consulting firm, Walsh Media, Dave was a marketing force behind some of the most established franchises in television history including ET, Frasier, Cheers and the entire Star Trek series library. We get into all of that on this episode, talk about what exactly TrueTell is, how me met for a few brief moments at a Voice Over mixer in Los Angeles back in November and that is just tipping the iceberg! If you would like to take a class with Dave or book him as your next talent, then you can reach out to him at the links below:



EP85 Success Resources America: Quantum Leap

This is the other program that played a HUGE role in my personal development journey! Hear all about the events that dramatically changed the course of my path. Feel the passion and Relive the “Out of Body” Experiences with me on this episode. Finally get to know exactly what Enlightened Warrior Camp is and how it helped me in so many different ways throughout my life!! If you would like to go to the next Millionaire Mind Intensive event closest to you then sign up now at the link below…stop waiting to live your life and start by taking that next step!!


EP84 Momentum Education: LALT9 Titans

It’s coming up on our 2 year anniversary that me and my LALT9 Titans finished the Leadership Program and the Momentum Core Journey. This was an experience that changed my life in so many different ways for the better! If you are even considering taking a Momentum course or the full journey, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do it NOW or ASAP!! Don’t wait any longer and get ready to Fully step into your life! I am forever grateful to Amelia Fortes for introducing me to this network of Next Level people! I am thankful for my team, my coaches and now my friends for life. Find out why on this episode and see for yourself how Momentum helped transform me into the man that God has called me to be. Sign up now and be “In the know” at the link the below:


EP83 Amazing Comedy Theater: Dan Bialek

The Stand Up Comedy Theater of Orange County, CA is now taking over Tsunami Healing on this episode! Owner & producer of The Amazing Comedy Theater in Huntington Beach, Dan Bialek, joins us to share his journey of why he opened up this black box stand up comedy theater for the community. We get into how and where he first started in stand up comedy, the Hawaiian Surf Mafia, his plans for the comic book lobby store in the comedy theater, how one can get started with Stand Up classes there now, how to get booked there, when you can come to the next show and much more! Go on iTunes now and give this episode and podcast a 5 star rating & review for your chance to get a FREE Amazing Comedy Theater T Shirt from Dan himself!! Which are ultra soft & super comfy! Be sure to follow them on social media @amazingcomedytheater & at the link below to stay up to date on All the upcoming shows:

The Amazing Comedy Theater In Huntington Beach, CA

EP82 VO Animation: Zehra Fazal

Voice Actress, Zehra Fazal, who plays Nadia Rizavi on Voltron: Legendary Defender joins us to discuss her journey to Wondercon 2019 with music label, Nuclear Blast! She is an actress, singer, performer and entertainer. She is also a fan of heavy metal music, improv, horror, animation and we get into all of that on this episode. We discuss the importance of being a leader and woman of color in Hollywood today, what that experience has been like for her, what you can do to get started in your career now and much more!! Be sure to follow her on social media @zehrafazal and book her for your next project at the website below:


EP81 Demarcus “Bang’em Up” Brown

Demarcus “Bang’em Up” Brown is a professional MMA Fighter and he is joining us to share his fighting career thus far. I recently got the chance to see him fight Juan Beltran in the main event of King of the Cage: Sin Rival in Ontario, CA. We recap that fight, how he trains, when he first started, how he got into the industry and where he is headed next! Make sure you keep up with him on instagram to catch his next fight @ibangemup

EP80 Wondercon 2019 Recap: Tim Chizmar

Writer & Publisher of Spooky Ninja Kitty, Tim Chizmar is back for our 1 year anniversary episode! And we are recapping our time at Wondercon 2019 together LIVE from Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar at Disneyland in Southern California. We discuss his recent books (Soul Traitor, Modern Madness I & II), his involvement with “It’s Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life” featuring Clive Barker, the Fruit Saga learning experience, DC’s Premiere of Batman vs TMNT and much more! Big thanks to Tim for bringing multiple guests to this show and giving Tsunami Healing a shout out at Wondercon!  If you would like to buy any of Tim’s books then you can do so at the link below:


EP79 Best Fiends Forever: Vamp

LIVE from Wondercon 2019, Rockstar cosplayer and creator of Best Fiends Forever, Vamp joins us to share her entrepreneurial career thus far! We discuss how she first got into cosplay, what gave her husband the idea for the fiends, how they turned that into a hit, youtube show and what is next for her and the fiends. Make sure you catch her at Midsummer Scream 2019 and follow her on Social Media @vamp & @bestfiendsforever


EP78 Amelia’s First Trip to Wondercon

Amelia Fortes of Self Love Story joins us to share her experience of Arriving to Wondercon 2019. As she approached the Anaheim Convention Center, she became aware that we were very close to Disneyland. This sparked all sorts of Generations’ past emotions in her heart, mind, body and soul! As we walked up to the front gate, we realized that these emotions needed to be processed, ideas needed to be worked through and all that energy needed to come to you through the mic. So get ready for Amelia to bring the heat as we discussed relevant, yet deep topics on this episode of Tsunami Healing! If you love Amelia, Self Love Story and need more of her wisdom then be sure to get in touch at the link below:


EP77 Jim Krueger: Neon Future Wondercon 2019

Eisner Award Winning Comic Book Writer, Jim Krueger, of Impact Theory’s Neon Future joins us Live at Wondercon to share his journey to this series. Jim has also worked on Marvel’s Earth X, DC’s Justice and is a film/TV writer. He has done it all and we get into right here on this episode! Find out how Jim first started, what excites him about the series, what it is like to work with an Allstar team including Steve Aoki, Tom Bilyeu, Dana, Samantha and the rest of the Impact Theories comics team. Make sure you go to your local comic book store and request to get all the latest issues of Neon Future. Follow Jim on Instagram @imjimkrueger