EP206 Screen Writer & Actor: Deanna Gomez

Deanna Gomez is a screen writer and actor originally from Southern California and she sharing with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! We recently met through The Actors Studio of Orange County here in California and are currently in intermediate class together. We found out that we are both Halloween/Haunt Enthusiasts from the announcement of her newest project “A Bad Feeling Horror Podcast” (which we get into along with much more) Be sure to follow her on Instagram @deannagomezwodc and Twitter @dmariedreams92. Also check her out at the link below, The Write or Die Chicks:


EP205 Entrepreneur: Willie May

From Blumhouse to Hellevator and back…Actor, Production Manager, Haunt Expert and Entrepreneur, Willie May joins us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Willie has been in the entertainment and haunt industry for a long time. Find out his unique journey into all forms of performing, how he started on the East Coast then traveled all over and much more! We also venture into current issues, people of color and shifts in the haunt industry today and what he has been working on recently. Be sure to follow him on social media @williemaynow & his production company @deadlydopamine

EP204 The Starting Actor: Vinnie Horst

Vinnie Horst works in the Tech Industry and is still pursuing his acting dream all while creating his own YouTube Channel, The Starting Actor, in the process and he joins us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! We get into how we both first started with Voice Over at Del Mar Media Arts in Irvine, some notes we got from our professors that really made a difference for us, how to balance the lifestyles we seek and much more. You can find him on social media @vincehorst and on his YouTube Channel, The Starting Actor:


EP203 Comic Con At Home Review

For the first time ever, we experienced Comic Con online with Comic Con at Home! It was unique, fun, interesting, not quite the same, filled the gaps in many ways and definitely different. Join me as we Recap and look to better days. The weekend of the event my internet went but it’s all good because the content still lives online! Find out what some of my personal favorite panels were, why I love Comic Con so much and how we are moving forward. Thank You Comic Con for putting together such an extensive program for everyone to enjoy!

EP202 Twitch Streamer: Tammy Truong

Tammy Truong is a singer turned streamer and she is joining us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Tammy has been streaming, playing video games, developing an online personality and creating content for some time now. She fell into it as singing was her first passion. A series of life events made her realize that gaming was the common ground and path that was for her to start using her voice to help heal the world. Find out how she started, what her favorites games are to live stream, why she loves penguins and much more! Follow her on Twitch @penguitalks

EP201 CEO & Founder of Determined By Design: Kia Weatherspoon

Kia Weatherspoon is the CEO & Founder of Determined By Design Interior Design Firm and she is sharing her journey with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Find out how and why she pursued becoming a licensed, certified interior designer, how she has been speaking out and making an impact in the design community with current events, how she influenced me to start this podcast and much more! You can find her on social media @determinedbydesign and at the link below.

“Interior Designers, Storytellers, Architects, + Creatives are the makers of space + communities. At Determined by Design our design’s are shaped by our core belief well-designed interior spaces are not a luxury for a few but a standard for all! Our why is to advocate for design equity so every person’s value is uplifted by the spaces they inhabit.”


EP200 Boom! Studios: CEO Ross Richie

CEO & Founder of Boom! Studios, Ross Richie, joins us on Episode 200 of Tsunami Healing!!

Ross founded BOOM! Studios in the spare bedroom of his apartment in June of 2005 with the singular focus of creating world-class comic book and graphic novel storytelling for all audiences.. He continued on to take the company to win “Best New Publisher” four months later. Since then, BOOM! has added “Best Publisher” from Diamond Comics Distributors to its list of accolades in 2009 and 2010, along with an Eisner Award and several Harveys.

Through the development of four distinct imprints—BOOM! Studios, BOOM! Box, KaBOOM!, and Archaia—BOOM! has produced award-winning original work, including Lumberjanes, The Woods, Giant Days, Klaus, and Mouse Guard, while also breaking new ground with established licenses such as WWE, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Cartoon Network, and Jim Henson Company properties. BOOM! will also bring their original series to life through unique first-look relationships with 20th Century Fox for film and with Fox Television for the small screen.

We dive deep into All of this, how and why he first started, exhibiting at Comic Cons, the state of the comic industry today, their brand new relationship with Netflix and much more!

Be sure to follow them on social media @boom_studios & at the link below:


EP199 Activist: Rafael Moreno

Rafael is an Activist, Actor & Writer out of New York City and he joins us on Episode 199 of Tsunami Healing! Every since the world has turned upside down, Rafael has started an online platform called Quarantine Cafe where he discuss real life, current, heavy topics with everyone. He has been showing up daily and going strong with it for 15 weeks straight now Monday-Friday. We get into all of this including his background of growing up Afro-Latino, his acting journey and how it lead him to activism, his time at momentum education and much more! You can find Rafael on Facebook @rafaelmoreno & Instagram @morenonyc

Link Below to Register for Quarantine Cafe to Watch Only (Every M-F 11 AM EST)


Link to Be in the Zoom Discussion for Quarantine Cafe:


Meeting ID: 888 147 289

EP198 Behavioral Therapist & Interventionist: TyYana Albert

TyYana Albert has been extremely active in attending protests, speaking at events, standing up for justice due to current events and she is here sharing with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Recently TyYana and I met at The Westminister Protest as she handed me her megaphone to lead the chants for the march to city hall. God truly brought us together and we discuss all of that, how she has managed through quarantine, what lead her to follow this purpose to be a leader in her community for The Black Lives Matter Revolution, how being a behavioral therapist has been empowering for her and her students, and much more!

You can support her on Instagram @tananuh & on Twitter @TyYanaM94

EP197 Gensler Sustainability Coordinator: Chidimma Abuka

Chidimma Abuka is the current Sustainability Coordinator at Gensler in Newport Beach, CA and she is sharing with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing!

Chidimma and I first met through ASID (American Society of Interior Design) & IIDA (International Interior Design Association) in 2015 in Southern California. It was the design industry that brought us together. In this interview we discuss how she first got into design, coming to the states as an international student from Nigeria, how Gensler firms around the world have adjusted with the Covid Global Pandemic, how Specification Representatives and Designers are currently interacting/supporting each other and much more.

You can find her on LinkedIn and here at her website: (https://www.chidimmaabuka.com/)