EP36 LA Comic Con 2018: GET EXCITED!!

Tsunami Healing has been approved as a Press Guest this year for LA Comic Con 2018!! Start to get excited and check all the panels, special guests, vendors and rest of the details in this episode. Also we remind ourselves just how healing an event/show like this can be for us. Enjoy and be sure to get your tickets to LA Comic Con as well as follow them on social media!!

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EP35 Queen of The White Bats: Cierra Skelton

She has worked with Field of Screams, 17th Door, Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights and Boneyard FX…She is The Queen of The White Bats of Midsummer Scream!! Cierra Skelton is here is tell all of how she started, how she got to where she is today, go into the details of how she runs the volunteers at MSS, her days of scare acting, how she got involved at “Into the Black” and where you can find her now at Horrorworld. Of course so much more jammed in for you so check out our interview and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

You can find Cierra on Facebook & Instagram: @cierraskelton

EP34 Scenic Fabrication Designer: Cassie Lopez

Show Set & Prop Designer from Universal Creative: Cassie Lopez joins us today to talk about her work with Halloween Horror Nights & The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, Knotts Scary Farm and Disneyland. We discuss how she got started here in the Themed Entertainment Industry in Southern California, tricks of the trade she has learned along the way, all the details from her panel at Midsummer Scream and lots more! This is definitely another one for the haunt industry as we talk about how all of this has been healing and therapeutic for her as she gets to bring the blood and guts to life for a living. She also shares secret stories for any and every Harry Potter fan out there from her Slytherin ways. Check out all the action and hear how the magic is created!

If you would like to reach out to Cassie then you can find her on all social media platforms:

@cassielopez & cassielopez.art@gmail.com

EP33 Altar Boys: Mike Stand

Front-man of Southern California’s Christian Punk, Rock Band “The Altar Boys” (Mike Stand) is here with us today to share his journey with God, singing with the band and all the details about their recent album “No Substitute.” This was an album that he wrote 27 years ago and The Altar Boys just had their reunion show at The House of Blues in Anaheim, CA for release of the album; where I met Mike!! Here all about what he and God have been up to in between all that time, how he got into music, stories of the band, fatherhood and living on purpose! Be sure to grab a copy of their new album “No Substitute” and enjoy our conversion with the Rock N Roll Rebel for God himself…Mr. Mike Stand!!

Check out the story on youtube here: https://youtu.be/mnIfc8Yt6g4

If you would like to keep up with the band then you can find them on Facebook: @thealtarboys

Also keep up with them here: https://www.altarboys.net/

EP32 Special FX Makeup Artist: Mel Montes

I got Mel Montes, Special FX Makeup Artist, with us here today from Sinister Valley aka Field of Screams The Haunted Stadium in Lake Elsinore, CA. She is here to tell us how she got into the makeup industry, how that lead to being in the haunt industry, some inside stories of managing the 2nd stage at Midsummer Scream, her creative process for bringing her scareactor monster’s characters to life and so much more! Be sure to check out her haunt this year (link below for details & tickets) Opening Night October 5th, 2018!!

You can find here on Instagram: @melsbeautyinblood


EP31 Winner Twins

Award Winning National Best Selling Authors & Comic Con Panelists, The Winner Twins, join us today to tell us how they wrote and published 7 books, won 8 different awards for those books and they are only 23 years of age! Both are dyslexic and one is legally blind…WHATTT?!?!? And they have been on the Comic Con stage and have had their own booth there for multiple years. They are well known on The Con Circuit and they are here with us today to share the path they have traveled to get to where they are now! Find out all the details about it, get a sneak peek of their upcoming book, learn about their creative process when writing, how to avoid writers block, where to start if you want to write your own book, how all of this has been Incredibly Healing for them, and so much more on this Episode..Witness and Experience “The Twin Magic” of The Winner Twins

If you would like to contact them, then they can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube:


EP30 Drum Therapy

Welcome to the World of Drum Therapy. What is Drum Therapy you ask!? It is a form of creative release. Hear all about my journey to Drum Therapy, what it can do you and how to start today, as in right now! This expressive art form has been so helpful for me and I wanted to share yet another form of healing for all those that are looking to try new ways of bringing more joy into lives. Here I demonstrate some drums for you, go into the history of drums and how people can use it as meditation. From one healer to the next, I hope you enjoy. Happy Drumming!!

EP29 The End of An Era: Rick West

The Founder of Theme Park Adventure (TPA) & Creative Director of Midsummer Scream, Rick West, is here LIVE from The VIP Room of The Cauldron in Buena Park, CA to share All of the cosmic shoots and ladders of his journey from the beginnings of his fan site, Theme Park Adventure to the Monster of the Halloween Convention known as Midsummer Scream and everything in between!! After 24 years of running TPA, it is now retired and we are deep diving to what lead him to make that tough decision along with what lies of him in the craziest ride of them all…Life. Join us as we had our First LIVE Audience for the show and Feel All of the emotions that lead us to this Heartfelt moment. Not to mention, that we take a Sneek Peek Look into what they have in store for Midsummer Scream 2019!! Be sure to come to the final TPA mixer This Sunday 9/9/18 at The Totally 80’s bar in Fullerton, CA to experience The End of the TPA Era!!

If you would like to reach out to Rick you can find him on social media @rickwest999

Tickets Now On Sale! Haunts Horror Halloween – 7/28-29, 2018 – Long Beach, Los Angeles

EP28 Journalism

Expressing your inner thoughts through creative writing in a journal is topic of source on this episode. Learn some helpful tips and ideas to get you started, especially if you are new to writing things down in a journal or would like some new, helpful ways to get outside of yourself. Thanks for tuning in and happy journaling!

EP27 Midsummer Scream 2018

My personal Recap of Midsummer Scream 2018. Hear what is was like to announce all the panels for the second stage, some fun fan interactions and how far they took it this year. Simply WOW!! To find out even more be sure to follow Midsummer Scream on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Official Link Below:

Tickets Now On Sale! Haunts Horror Halloween – 7/28-29, 2018 – Long Beach, Los Angeles