EP146 Josh Mathews: The Voice of Impact Wrestling

Josh Mathews has been in the wrestling and sports entertainment industry for over 20 years. He is currently one of the commentators for Impact Wrestling on AXS TV and now he is sharing his journey with us on this episode. We get into when he first started, finding his groove on the microphone, the pressures and excitement of calling a match on live television and much more. Follow him on Instagram @joshmathews and on Twitter @realjoshmathews and catch him on Tuesday nights on AXS TV on Impact Wrestling!!

EP145 Phylicia Pearl Mpasi: The Lion King

Phylicia Pearl Mpasi recently made her Broadway Debut in The Lion King play and has been on tour with them for the last few years! Now she is sharing her journey with us and what it has been like on this production up until now. She also completed the Momentum Education journey, which is how we met here in LA, and we discuss what that experience was like for her and how it helped her in her acting career. We get into all these details including, how she first started acting, her plans for when she is done on The Lion King project on Broadway (January 5th so go see her perform before then!), the current state of the industry, highs and lows of this tour including bouncing back from losing her father and much more! Follow her on Instagram @phyliciapearl and get your tickets to her next show now!

EP144 Decayed Brigade Southern California Sliders

For the first time ever, The Decayed Brigade is collectively sharing as a group the behind the scenes backstories that you have all been dying to hear! This is one of the most passionate, encouraging, tight-net crews I have ever come across and I am thrilled to back them to you right here on this episode of Tsunami Healing! They are a group of scare acting sliders that perform at multiple, different venues. I first saw them at Midsummer Scream and have been fascinated with them ever since. I have them here now and we get into how they first started, what kind of gear they use, what makes a character, what makes a good scare, what kind of training they are doing and much more! Follow them on Facebook & Instagram @decayedbrigadeofficial and find on YouTube @decayedbrigade Catch them at Midsummer Scream 2020 in the Hall of Shadows!

Members who shared on this episode:
Hybrid: Elijah Padilla
Nightmare: Naomi Haro
Ducky: Ruth Duckworth
Nonni: Veronica Nihart
Spaz: Gary Davis
Pipe & Drape: Casey Nihart
Pumpkin Spice: Kevin May

EP143 Johhny Swinger: Impact Wrestling

Johnny Swinger has wrestled all around the world and now you can catch him on AXS TV on Impact Wrestling! Today he is Rocking with the Wavehealernation to discuss being in the industry for over 20 years, what/who has helped him along the way, how his family brings a sense of order and balance to his life outside of the ring and much more! It was such a pleasure to learn from him, understand how he picks apart a character and pick up on the ring psychology that he shares with us. Follow him on instagram @johnny_swinger

EP142 DesignerCon 2019

It’s our First Time at DesignerCon and we are in Full Swing Review of yet another great convention where artists from all walks of life gather to share their artwork of all kinds! It was truly inspiring to me, to be able to walk around the Anaheim Convention Center and see so many artists putting themselves out there. It moved me in my heart and soul. I am thankful to close out the 2019 convention season with DesignerCon as it fueled me up for the future to come! Follow them on social media @designercon

EP141 Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie is the current longest reigning Knockouts Champion in Impact Wrestling history and she is here Rocking with us on this episode! She has wrestled all over the world and I got to ask her specific details about some of the moments and matches that have made an impression on me and the fans. It was such a pleasure to finally have her on the show and get into how she first started wrestling, her love of music, dancing, broadway shows/acting, how she first met her husband John Morrison and much more. Follow her on social media @thetayavalkyrie

EP140 Angelica Dante & Chainsaw: WOW Wrestling

The Brand New Tag Team Duo, Angelica Dante & Chainsaw, are making their debut on WOW Women of wrestling and are joining us LIVE from LA Comic Con! Find out what chaos and mayhem they plan to bring to the ring very soon on this episode. Watch them on AXS TV and follow them on social media @wow_angelicadante & @wow_chainsaw

EP139 VO Actor: Eric Bauza

2x Emmy Nominated Voice Over Actor & Current Voice of Bugs Bunny, Eric Bauza is Rocking with us Live from Toon Con at the Pasadena Convention Center. He holds the title of having over 200+ credits on IMDB! We get into all of that including how he first started out in animation, coming to the United States from Canada, being a dad, making the transition into Voice Over, working with all the greats and much more. Follow him on social media @bauzilla

EP138 Teal Piper

Teal Piper makes her debut on WOW Women of Wrestling! That’s right, the daughter of The Late, Great Rowdy Roddy Piper joins us Live from LA Comic Con. We are getting into what made her decide to follow the path of wrestling, little things her father did that mean so much to her and the fans like us, what you can expect in the upcoming seasons of WOW and much more! Follow her on instagram @ariel_teal_toombs & on twitter @arielteal and be sure to catch her on WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV!!

EP137 Shaul Guerrero

With the 14 Year Anniversary of Losing the Late, Great Eddie Guerrero recently, I got the opportunity to meet Shaul Guerrero and chat with her like long, lost friends at LA Comic Con! She truly is an Amazing Human Being and rather talented. We geeked over being scare actors at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights, heavy metal/rock music, the haunt/horror industry, how she got into dancing/being in the burlesque troupe: the  vaudettes, how she became the ring announcer for WOW Women of Wrestling, what her parents legacies mean to her, discovering her own path and much more!! Follow her on instagram @shaulguerrero twitter @guerrero_shaul and catch her announcing on WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV.

EXCUSE ME…Viva La Raza!!!