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EP195 Megan Siason: M Studio Interior Design

Megan Siason is an Award Winning Residential Interior Designer and she is Rocking with us on this Episode of Tsunami Healing! Megan and I first met at Dwell on Design in 2013 in Los Angeles. Ever since then we have remained in touch and now she is one of my Top Clients! Listen as we dive deep into how she first got started with design, the current state of the industry, how building relationships in this business is key and much more! Follow Megan on instagram and at the link below:


EP194 Pangeekery: Jenapher Zheng

One of the hosts of the popular weekly podcast shows on all things geek from an all diverse perspective “Pangeekery” Jenapher Zheng, joins us on this Episode of Tsunami Healing! Jenapher is an Actor, Writer, Gamer, Model and Artist who is Chinese American born and raised in Los Angeles of Southern California. We discuss all things creative, fun, entertaining, geek, nerd and how all of this is cathartic for her in her journey to stardom. She recently launched her own Twitch channel @JenZany so be sure to follow her livestreams there as well as on social media @jenapherzheng @pangeekery and at the link below:


EP193 Actress: Gwendoline Yeo

Gwendoline Yeo is an Award Winning Actress, Musician & Writer originally from Singapore and she joins us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Gwendoline & I met at the SOVAS Awards in 2018 and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with her. She is so full of life, passion and creativity as you will soon find out! We discuss how she has been handling this unique period of time in overcoming changes in connection and the new ways people are now forced to interact with each, why she loves doing what she does so much for a living, how here fans can better connect with her to be able to lift each other up, all of the cool projects she has worked on (animation, drama, horror, comedy, sitcoms) and why she chose this path of entertainment to share with the world! Follow her on social media @gwendolineyeofanpage and at the link below:


EP192 Jake & Indy: 4thawin Podcast

Host & Producers of 4thawind Podcast, Jake & Indy, join me on this Episode of Tsunami Healing! Indy and I graduated Caroline High School together in 2008 and she later went to Graduate School at Virginia Tech where I went there for Undergrad. She has been a good friend of mine for a long time and now she is a wife and soon to mother! Recently her and husband started this Podcast about sports, relationships and culture from their own perspective. Find out how they first met, what lead them to want to put this unique content out for everyone, how they have been overcoming obstacles with Covid19 and much more! You can listen to their show on Apple (iTunes), Spotify and Soundcloud. You can find them on social media @4thawinpodcast and at the link below:


EP191 SFX Makeup Artist: Nicole Moroni

Nicole Moroni is a Special FX Freelance Professional Makeup Artist, Painter, Sculptor, Creature/Monster Maker  and has worked specifically with our former guests…The Decayed Brigade! She joins us during this unique period of time to share her journey of starting at Knotts Scary Farm, how losing ones close to her has Inspired her to overcome challenges in her life and some of the magic in bringing The Decayed Brigade to life aesthetically. This is another one for you Haunt Community! We love you with all of our spooky bones and truly hope you enjoy!! You can find Nicole on Social Media @nicolemoronimakeup and at the link below:


EP190 Dr. Matt Trimner: Clinical Performance

Dr. Matt Trimner is a chiropractor, trainer, nutritionist and host of The Clinical Performance Podcast. He joins us on Episode 190 of Tsunami Healing to share what this journey of health has been like for him! We get into what inspired him to go down this path, what the podcast is all about, best practices for nutrition/training and how he gets to experience people overcoming their goals firsthand. You can find him on social media @docmatt_trim & @clinicalperformance as well as the link below:


EP189 Professional Vocalist: Uyanga Bold

Uyanga Bold is known for her otherworldly dynamic voice on film, television and video game soundtracks, along with videos viewed by millions. She is an internationally acclaimed soundtrack vocalist, vocal arranger and songwriter. Described as: “her voice harkens back to ancient civilizations” (Forbes Magazine Romania).  Now she is Rocking with us here on this Episode of Tsunami Healing!

Úyanga counts herself fortunate to have worked as a vocal soloist with some of Hollywood’s top composers including Oscar nominated composer Marco Beltrami, Harry Gregson-Williams, Captain Marvel composer Pinar Toprak, Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory, and Anna Drubich (Guillermo del Toro’s “Scary Stories to tell in the Dark”).

We into all of that, how we met, what her process is, how this journey has been healing/therapeutic for her and much more! It is a true honor to get to bring her story to you, wavehealernation! We hope you have just as much fun as we did on this episode. You can find her on social media @uyangaboldmusic, listen to her music on YouTube, Spotify and where ever else you get your streams and find her at the link below:


EP188 Angelia: Makeup Artist

Angelia is a Horror Makeup Artist, Boudoir Model, Professional Aesthetician and she is Rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Angelia is originally from Hawaii but was raised in North Carolina and has found her way over to Los Angeles multiple times where she plays in all of the fun projects. I got to see her Horror Makeup at the RAW Artist show back in November right here in LA. We get into all of that, what inspired her to create so many different paths for herself, all her favorite things about the haunt & horror industry, how building other women’s self confidence through her work is healing & therapeutic for her and much more! Be sure to follow her on Instagram to check out her work and book her on your next project @_lifeofangelia


EP187 Audra Wrightson: Audra Interiors

Audra Wrightson is the Owner & Founder of Audra Interiors as a certified, award winning Interior Designer here in Orange County, CA and she is joining us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! With 20 years of experience and education, Audra is the expert at delivering timeless and elegant kitchens, bathrooms and her favorite, whole house remodel projects. She was chosen by CBS as one of Orange County’s top interior designers, and one of the original designers that helped to build the plumbing and appliance showroom PIRCH, located in Costa Mesa, California. We get into all of that, her new online design program “The Renovation Method,” and how this chosen path of design has been healing and therapeutic for her. If you would like to book her for your next project or go through her hassle free online program “The Renovation Method” then you can find her at the links below:



EP186 Harley Harpurr: The Damn Devillez

Owner and Founder of The Burlesque Troupe “The Damn Devillez” Harley Harpurr joins us on this Episode of Tsunami Healing. We get into how she fist got into dancing and performing, reinventing herself as Angelica Dante in WOW Women of Wrestling, how all of this has been empowering for her and much more! Follow her on social media @harleyharpurr & @thedamndevillez and get tickets to the next show at the link below (all live streams every Friday for the month on April)