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EP214 Scalar Energy Researcher: Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher based in Florida. In case you were wondering, Scalar energy is the fundamental life force found everywhere in the world, space and universe. It
originates from the sun and stars. Chi, prana, OM, mana, life force, pyramid
energy or zero-point energy are synonymous terms for scalar energy.

He theorized that all energy in the universe initiates as scalar energy; and
that the sun of our solar system and the stars of the universe are the points
of origin, “the storehouses,” for scalar energy. He further theorized that
scalar energy is instructive energy, as the entire universe is instructed by
this Divine Essence. Subsequently, all spiritual, cognitive, emotional and
physical action in the universe is initiated and maintained by scalar energy
instructions. Scalar energy provides order in the universe.

We discuss all of this, how Tom first got started, how scalar energy balances the chakras, how you can register to work with Tom today and much more! Follow him on Instagram @scalarlight Twitter @light_scalar Facebook & YouTube (TomPaladinoScalar) and at the link below:


EP213 Actress: Meg Evans

Meg is a Fitzmaurice Voice & Speech Teacher, a yoga instructor, has studied acting all around the world, performed in many different plays and she is here Rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! I recently have taken classes with Meg through The Actor’s Studio of Orange County and learned so much about myself from the work in her class. She has been such a joy to learn from and work with, so now we are diving into her journey of all her travels and discoveries! You can find her on social media @itsmegevans and at the link below:


EP212 CEO EB Bradley Co: Don Lorey

The CEO of the current company that I work for full time (E.B. Bradley Company) Don Lorey joins us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! We dive into his journey of starting out at as sales representative in Los Angeles and making his way into the position that he holds now, how we adjusted as a company in surviving 2020, what makes a great leader and The Beatles! Be sure to follow EB Bradley Co. on instagram, Linkedin and Facebook @ebbradleyco

EP210 Makeup Artist: Nikki Carmela

Nikki is a professional makeup artist from the East coast that is now here in Southern California. She is rocking with us and sharing her journey on this episode of Tsunami Healing! We are getting into her creative process with her clients, what sparked the initial move here earlier this year, some of the unique projects she has had the opportunity to work on and much more!

You can get in touch with her through email ( and through Instagram @nikkicarmela. You can also find her on her website below:


EP209 Musician: Lexi Layne

Lexi Layne is a singer, dancer and performer here in Southern California. Now she is Rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing!! She recently just came out with her brand, new Hit Single “Sinner and Saint” on her upcoming EP (streaming on all music platforms currently). We dive into the creative process and story behind this song, how singing/song writing has been empowering for her and get a glimpse into her creative work as a burlesque dancer with The Damn Devillez. Join her on the journey and find out a life of Entertainment brings her soul joy!

Follow her on Instagram @lexi_layne

Book her for your next project through email:

Stream her new Song “Sinner and Saint” along with her previous songs on all music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music

EP208 New York Comic Con 2020 Full Review

We finally got to go to NYCC!! Well, sorta. We got to participate and it was Perfectly Splendid!! (I am loving the script from Haunting on Bly Manor) But yes, it was such a breathe of fresh air! It was well thought out, well organized, well put together and lots of fun! I personally got some new graphic novels, delved right into the exhibit floor, artist alley and checked the exclusive merch…..all online and it really did make the weekend that much better. Thank you to everyone who helped put this together and I hope to see you all next year at the Javits Center in The Big Apple!!!

Hope you enjoy and go check out all the excitement for yourself at the link below:


EP207 Le-Vel Brands Thrive: Michelle Lu

Michelle works at Kaiser during the day, is a balloon artist for fun and has been building her lifestyle business through “LeVel Brands Thrive” on the side for over a year now…..And she is here Rocking with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing to share her journey thus far!! We are getting into how she first heard about Thrive, How it has changed her life completely, what the heck Thrive actually is, how you can easily incorporate it into your life today and much more! If you are curious and want to try Thrive for yourself, want to work with Michelle or just want to follow along the positive, healthy lifestyle ride then you can find her on instagram @_milanlu email her: and/or reach her at the link below:


EP206 Screen Writer & Actor: Deanna Gomez

Deanna Gomez is a screen writer and actor originally from Southern California and she sharing with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! We recently met through The Actors Studio of Orange County here in California and are currently in intermediate class together. We found out that we are both Halloween/Haunt Enthusiasts from the announcement of her newest project “A Bad Feeling Horror Podcast” (which we get into along with much more) Be sure to follow her on Instagram @deannagomezwodc and Twitter @dmariedreams92. Also check her out at the link below, The Write or Die Chicks:


EP205 Entrepreneur: Willie May

From Blumhouse to Hellevator and back…Actor, Production Manager, Haunt Expert and Entrepreneur, Willie May joins us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Willie has been in the entertainment and haunt industry for a long time. Find out his unique journey into all forms of performing, how he started on the East Coast then traveled all over and much more! We also venture into current issues, people of color and shifts in the haunt industry today and what he has been working on recently. Be sure to follow him on social media @williemaynow & his production company @deadlydopamine