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EP183 Erika Pfeiffer: Horrorwelt

Erika is a Badass Chick who is a Veteran in the Scareacting/Haunt World and she is a member of The Blutsauger Legion in the upcoming Independent Horror Film: Horrorwelt. In this episode, find out how she first got started in scareacting, why she loves the Haunt Community so much, how she puts attention to detail in the characters she brings to life and how she got involved with Larry Bones and Horrorwelt! You can find her on Instagram @erikaspfiife and at the link below:

EP182 Jennie Tuliao: Horrorwelt

Jennie Tuliao is part of The Blutsauger Legion in the upcoming Independent Film “Horrorwelt” and she is Rocking with us on this episode! Find out how she first became a scareactor, how her passion for all things Halloween and Haunt came to be and she found her way into The Blutsauger Legion as a Horrifying, Bloodsucker Vampire!! You can find her on Instagram @jengclaire and on Facebook as well as at the link below:

EP181 Olivia Grace Morales: Horrorwelt

Olivia is part of the Blutsauger Legion in the Independent Horror Film “Horrorwelt” and she is here Rocking with us on this Episode! She is new to the Podcast world but she is sharing her passion for the macabre, acting/performing, all things haunt/horror and how she became a vampire in Horrorwelt. You can find her on Instagram @oliviaxouija and at the link below:

EP180 Ally Vega: Ancestral Vision Movement

Ally Vega is in the house and Rocking with us on Episode 180 of Tsunami Healing!! She is the Founder & Artistic Director of Ancestral Vision Movement. She is also Founder of Woke Weebs group in the Anime Community, Choreographer and Dancer. We dive into all of that, her journey of shadow work and much more! Follow her on Facebook @allyvega Instagram @_allyvega Twitter @ItsAllyVega and at the link below to book her for your next project:

EP179 Actress Jenn Nangle (Malvolia): Horrorwelt

Actress, Writer and Producer, Jenn Nangle, has had an interesting acting career along with some cool life experiences and she is sharing with us on this Episode of Tsunami Healing! Find out how she grew up near Salem, Massachusetts, her childhood days inspired by the macabre, what made her embraced the road to acting, how she developed the Malvolia character for herself, how she got involved in The Horrorwelt Independent Horror Movie by Larry Bones and much more! Follow her on YouTube at “Malvolia: the Queen of Screams” and on social media @queenmalvolia

EP178 Robert Lawerence Friedman: The Healing Power of The Drum

Robert Lawerence Friedman is a Comedian, Drum Healer, Therapist and he is here Rocking with us on this Episode of Tsunami Healing! Robert is the man that first introduced me to Drum Therapy at Enlightened Warrior Camp back in 2017 so I am grateful to have him finally get to share with us in during this unprecedented time period! We get into how he first started drumming, when he started to lean into this unusual but powerful path, why he does what he does and much more. If you would like to work with him then the best way to reach him is at his email:

We hope you enjoy and Happy Drumming!!

EP177 Joy Regullano

Actor, Comedian and Producer, Joy Regullano, joins us today on Episode 177! She is a graduate of the Improv Programs at Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City Hollywood, iO West and currently performs with several sketch and improv teams across Los Angeles. She Double Majored in Theater/Performance Studies and Southeast Asian Studies at UC Berkeley, appearing in plays with the UC Berkeley Theater Department and throughout the bay. And she is sharing her journey with us and so much more right here on this episode of Tsunami Healing!! Follow her on youtube and social media @joyregullano and at the link below:


EP176 Joan Baker & Rudy Gaskins: SOVAS Awards

Joan Baker and Rudy Gaskins, Founders of the Society of the Voice Arts and Science Award Show and That’s Voiceover Career Expo, join us on EP176! Joan and Rudy break it down for us about the journey they have been on, answer your burning questions about the voice over industry, how they continue to bring these Amazing events to us in major cities, what inspires them to put so many resources out for people including their Podcast “Get Out There Series” and Joan’s Book “Secrets of Voice Over Success,” how they first met and so much more! Follow them on social media @societyvoicearts and find all the details at the link below:


EP175 Lynne Lugosi Sparks: Lugosi Enterprises

The granddaughter of The Late Great Bela Lugosi (One of the Original Universal Monsters, Dracula), Lynne Lugosi Sparks joins us to discuss Lugosi Enterprises. We talk about how they first started to restore her grandfather’s legacy, what he was like as a person, finding out the impact that Bela had on the haunt community and people in general, some of the current items available through the enterprise such as Dead Sled Coffee, upcoming products like the Dracula Comic Book through Legendary Comics and much more! Find all the details at the links below:



EP174 Fanbase Press: Barbra Dillon

Co-Founder of Fanbase Press, Barbra Dillon joins us to share her journey of the many unique experiences she has had thus far. She is a writer, producer, entrepreneur and all around kind human being! We discuss how Fanbase Press first got started as Fanboy Comics, some of the current series out now from Fanbase Press including Quince, Representation and Diversity in Comics today and much more. Find all the details in this episode and be sure to follow them on social media @fanbasepress and at the link below: