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EP175 Lynne Lugosi Sparks: Lugosi Enterprises

The granddaughter of The Late Great Bela Lugosi (One of the Original Universal Monsters, Dracula), Lynne Lugosi Sparks joins us to discuss Lugosi Enterprises. We talk about how they first started to restore her grandfather’s legacy, what he was like as a person, finding out the impact that Bela had on the haunt community and people in general, some of the current items available through the enterprise such as Dead Sled Coffee, upcoming products like the Dracula Comic Book through Legendary Comics and much more! Find all the details at the links below:



EP174 Fanbase Press: Barbra Dillon

Co-Founder of Fanbase Press, Barbra Dillon joins us to share her journey of the many unique experiences she has had thus far. She is a writer, producer, entrepreneur and all around kind human being! We discuss how Fanbase Press first got started as Fanboy Comics, some of the current series out now from Fanbase Press including Quince, Representation and Diversity in Comics today and much more. Find all the details in this episode and be sure to follow them on social media @fanbasepress and at the link below:

EP173 Mary Imagination & Tim Dennison: Knotts Network

Mary Imagination & Tim Dennison of Knotts Network join us on this episode to discuss their involvement with the Independent Film, Horrorwelt! We discuss how they first met Larry Bones, their love of all things haunt, how they got into the Horror Community, Their show that they run: Knotts Network focused on theme parks and haunt attractions around Southern California and much more! Follow them on Social Media: @maryimagination @timothykbf & @knottsnetwork You can also find them at the link below:


EP172 Actress Eileen Dietz

The Original Actress & Face of the Demon, Pazuzu, in the Exorcist Maze, Eileen Dietz joins us to discuss her luxurious and unique acting career. We discuss her involvement with Larry Bones Independent Horror Film: Horrorwelt, how she first started in entertainment, her book (Exorcising My Demons: An Actress’ journey to The Exorcist and Beyond), what she recommends for you to start your journey, some of the cool backstories that we know you are dying to hear and much more! Be sure to reach out to her to pick up a copy of her book and follow her on social media @eileendietz

EP171 Winchester Mystery House

Please enjoy my full, personal review of our recent visit to the Winchester Mystery House. Thank you very much to the people there as they provide us with free tickets for the general tour! This is the least I could do in return; that’s give you my honest, heart felt opinions and all my love/support on this episode. We do a dive deep on the history but not so deep that it spoils everything on the tour! Learn about how this Amazing Establishment came to be, what you can expect on the tour and much more! Thank you very much to our tour guides, Jim & Amanda (not James and Emily that I mentioned on the episode, sorry about that guys!!) Jim and Amanda, you were truly wonderful and made those moments everlasting experiences! Be sure to follow along on social media @winchestermysteryhouse and go see it for yourself right in the heart San Jose, California! Book your tour now at the link below:

Welcome to the Winchester Mystery House®

EP170 Red Rabbit Productions: Horrorwelt

Courtney & Michael Tappan, Founders of Red Rabbit Productions, joins us on this episode to share the moments leading up to us working together on the Independent Film, Horrorwelt. We discuss our shared loved of the haunt industry, when we ran into each other at NAMM in Anaheim, what sets them apart from other production studios and much more. Find out how you can book them for your next project and how you can join The Blutsauger Legion now! Follow them on Instagram & Facebook @red_rabbit_productions and at the link below:

EP169: The Bea_u_ty Project: Roxanne Dluzak

What do you think is beautiful, but you fell like society is telling you it isn’t? Roxanne Dluzak, Founder of The Bea_u_ty Project, joins us on this episode to discuss this life altering experience she recently had that lead to this project. Through viewing herself through a photograph that a friend took of her, she finally saw the emotion that she had not been expressing in her eyes. From there she discovered this question and has been letting it guide her right here to Tsunami Healing. Find out about the people she has interviewed, the projects she has brought to life and much more! Follow her on social media @thebea_u_typroject and at the link below:

What do you think is beautiful, but you feel like society is telling you isn’t?

EP168 Tsunami Healing Patreon

The Tsunami Healing Patreon is in Full Swing…Ready and Waiting for You!! On this episode, we do a full scale in-depth look at what is currently up and available on The Tsunami Healing Patreon, what is to come, features, benefits, how to join, where to find it, a breakdown of each tier, all it has to offer and how/why you should show support. The Tsunami Healing Patreon has been out for a while now, but many still do not know that it exists. We want to continue to guide you to it as we move our social media to it being the main platform that we generate from. Of course you can follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @tsunamihealing but please check us out on Patreon as well and opt in if you feel so inclined! Just go to the link below and allow the adventures to begin!!

EP167 Dan Mitchem: Horrorwelt

Dan Mitchem, Main Cast of Horrorwelt playing Eddie, joins us to share his experience of being a part of The Independent Horror Film “Horrorwelt.” We get into how he got cast on this project, being a scare actor at Universal Studios for 10 years, how he brought his character to life and much more! Follow along on social media @horrowelt_official to see how you can join the Blutsauger Legion now!!

EP166 Pasadena Comic Con & Toy Show Review 2020

Enjoy my Full, Personal Review of Pasadena Comic Con & Toy Show 2020! This was the first The Wavehealernation was at this show and it was an honor. Lots of Nostalgia, Great guests, Fun Environment and Great venue. Find out how we snagged interviews with the creators of The Jalisco Comic, Mary Gibbs who is the voice of Boo in Monster’s Ink and got to check in with some former guests of the show. Get all the details on this episode and follow them on social media @pasadenacomiccon