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EP134 Faith The Lioness: WOW Women of Wrestling

The Beautiful, Strong, Talented Faith “The Lioness” of WOW Women of Wrestling joins us Live from LA Comic Con to discuss all the stops along the way. In this straight to the point interview, we discuss her mma training, being a singer, dancer and her time so far at WOW. She is a young, multi-gifted women to ready to kick some booty in the ring!! It was such a pleasure to finally meet her and her passion/drive is so overwhelming that is difficult to not be inspired by her! Find out how all of these things are healing/therapeutic for her and what keeps her going. Catch her on WOW Women of Wrestling on AXSTV and follow her on social media @wow_thelioness & @realfaithmusic

EP133 WOW Women of Wrestling: David McLane

Original Creator of the GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling & WOW Women of Wrestling, David McLane joins us Live from LA Comic Con! It was such a pleasure to step into the mind of the American Businessman and promoter himself. David is defiantly a visionary and I am grateful to have gotten the opportunity to bring him to The Wavehealernation!! Make sure you watch WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV and follow them on social media @wow_davidmclane & @wowsuperheroes

EP132 VO Actress: Anjali Bhimani

Live from LA Comic Con, Voice Over Actress: Anjali Bhimani joins me to discuss this Amazing journey she has been on! You know her best as Symmetra in the popular Video Game, Overwatch but she is also a singer and creator of all sorts. We get into how she started, bits of her YouTube show “I Am Fun Size,” what keeps her motivated, how this path of entertainment/creativity is healing and therapeutic for her and much more! Follow her on social media @sweeetani and of course be her character Symmetra when you play Overwatch!!

EP131 Tsunami Healing: Building a Nerd Empire

Live from LA Comic Con 2019…The First Ever Tsunami Healing Panel featuring former guests of the show:

Javier Hernandez – Founder & Cartoonist of The El Muerto Comic Book Series @javierloscomex @javierhernandez @latinocomicsexpo ( [Episode 58]
Tony Kim – Founder and Owner of The Online Apparel Store: Hero Within @herowithininc @crazy4comiccon ( [Episode 61]
Eric Hinwood – CoFounder of Ataec Studios: Writer, Producer, Director. @ateacstudios [Episode 72]
Aalia Lanius – Award Winning Novelist, Founder of Unsugarcoated Media & Empowercon, Cancer Survivor, Wife & Mother @aalia_unsugarcoated ( [Episode 111]

We discuss how they first got started, how what they do in their industry is fulfilling/therapeutic for them, what keeps them going, what they have in store for their platforms in the future and much more! The Love and Support was overwhelming, so we hope that you feel the wave of healing coming at you as strongly as we did!! Thank You LA Comic Con for allowing us to close out the show!!!

130 Impact Wrestling Creative: Jimmy Jacobs

Jimmy Jacobs is one of the current writers and producers of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV. He is also the Founder & Host The Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know podcast. Now he is Rocking with us today on Tsunami Healing! Find out the journey he took from wrestler to writer and all around good dude discovering his way in this world on this episode. Be sure to follow him on social media @jimmyjacobsx and tune into his podcast “Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know” where ever podcasts can be found and at the link below:

EP129 Samantha Smart: WOW Wrestling

Samantha Smart is IQ Superior and I defiantly experienced it at LA Comic Con 2019! She has been a part of the WOW Women’s of Wrestling Promotion since the start and is planning to take over very soon!! She cuts to the point, keeps it simply and gets the job done with style and grace. Follow her on social media @wow_smart and watch WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV!!

128 WOW Wrestling: Dixie Darlings

Two Badass Southern Girls from Virginia, Jolynn and Jolene, The Dixie Darlings of WOW Women of Wrestling join us from LA Comic Con at the LA Convention Center! People tend to judge their looks and challenge who they are but we find out that they know in their hearts they are good ole girls who say “yes mam” and “yes sir”, believe in working hard, living off the land, shooting their guns and being in the great outdoors. Make sure you follow them on social media @wow_dixiedarlings and watch WOW Wrestling on AXS TV to catch them in action!

EP127 EVP of Impact Wrestling: Scott D’Amore

Executive Vice President of Impact Wrestling, Scott D’Amore, joins us to discuss these exciting times as a wrestling fan. We find out what people can expect of Impact Wrestling coming over to AXS TV, how is it going to be different moving into a new era, what made him and Don want to come back to the wrestling industry and how he finds balance in all of the motion. Follow him on twitter @ScottDAmore and watch Impact Wrestling on Tuesday nights on AXS TV to catch all of the action!

EP126 LA Comic Con Cosplayer Asta Young

Asta Young is a digital artist, graphic designer and cosplayer based in Phoenix, Arizona. Standing at 4ft 5, Asta is able to stand out among her cosplay creations. She may be small, but her ideas are big! She thrives to spread awareness across the world about inclusiveness. Much of her work centers around her pugs and pop culture fandom that she appreciates. I got the chance to meet her this year at LA Comic Con 2019 and now she and her family (including her pugs) are now a HUGE part of The Wavehealernation!! Be sure to follow on social media @astayoung and at the link below:

Asta Young Home

125 Impact Wrestling: Sami Callihan

Sami “The Draw” Callihan of Impact Wrestling joins us to discuss his upcoming main event match at the sold-out Bound for Glory Pay Per View Event on October 20th against current champion, Brain Cage. We also get into video games, theme parks/roller coasters and how him and Jessicka Havok of WOW Women of Wrestling Superheroes first met. If you are ready to have a blast and see what pushes Sami to continue to Create His Own Future, then check out this episode and tune into AXS TV on Tuesday Nights for Impact Wrestling!! Be sure to follow Sami on Instagram @officialcallihan & on twitter @TheSamiCallihan