Monthly Archives: April 2021

EP221 Author & Hypnotherapist: Belinda Farrell

She is author of the book “Find Your Friggin Joy,” has completed 18 different firewalks, was a stunt actor, swam with dolphins and sharks in Hawaii, and has endured many life experiences! Belinda Farrell joins us of this episode of Tsunami Healing. Belinda has had an amazing life of transformation through taking action from some tragic events that have happened to her. She is sharing it all with us and much more. Make sure you pick up a copy of her book to go past this conversion where all books are found and at the link below:


EP220 Content Creator: Kiana

Kiana is a content creator, rave and edm influencer, and she is here sharing with us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! She has had such a journey from when she first started up until recently as she has taken more of an Activist type role on her platforms for the Asian American community. We are discussing all of that in addition to how edm music is empowering for her, bringing awareness to toxic masculinity, treating women better as a whole, rave and live event etiquette, how to respect boundaries in different areas as people, some of her favorite edm artists, best festival experiences and much more!

Be sure to follow her on Instagram @kianas.gram & on Twitch @kianasworld

EP219 VP Sales Director of EB Bradley Co: Jonathan Thompson

Our newly appointed VP of Sales, Jonathan Thompson, joins us on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Jonathan has had some cool experiences before he came to the corporate world and he is sharing with us his days of working graphic design, how a good friend of his gave him a new perspective on life and we get into some of the fun things that we have gotten to do together so far with our time together at EB Bradley. It was an honor and pleasure to be able to get to do this and I am grateful to be at this company with people like Jonathan. We hope you enjoy!