EP192 Jake & Indy: 4thawin Podcast

Host & Producers of 4thawind Podcast, Jake & Indy, join me on this Episode of Tsunami Healing! Indy and I graduated Caroline High School together in 2008 and she later went to Graduate School at Virginia Tech where I went there for Undergrad. She has been a good friend of mine for a long time and now she is a wife and soon to mother! Recently her and husband started this Podcast about sports, relationships and culture from their own perspective. Find out how they first met, what lead them to want to put this unique content out for everyone, how they have been overcoming obstacles with Covid19 and much more! You can listen to their show on Apple (iTunes), Spotify and Soundcloud. You can find them on social media @4thawinpodcast and at the link below:


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