EP171 Winchester Mystery House

Please enjoy my full, personal review of our recent visit to the Winchester Mystery House. Thank you very much to the people there as they provide us with free tickets for the general tour! This is the least I could do in return; that’s give you my honest, heart felt opinions and all my love/support on this episode. We do a dive deep on the history but not so deep that it spoils everything on the tour! Learn about how this Amazing Establishment came to be, what you can expect on the tour and much more! Thank you very much to our tour guides, Jim & Amanda (not James and Emily that I mentioned on the episode, sorry about that guys!!) Jim and Amanda, you were truly wonderful and made those moments everlasting experiences! Be sure to follow along on social media @winchestermysteryhouse and go see it for yourself right in the heart San Jose, California! Book your tour now at the link below:

Welcome to the Winchester Mystery House®

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