EP156 Jalisco: Kayden Phoenix & Amanda Julina Gonzalez

Writer, Kayden Phoenix, and Artist, Amanda Julina Gonzalez, of the Jalisco comic book series join us to share this story of a powerful Latina Superhero that fights crime through the tradition of folklorico dance. We recently met them at Long Beach Comic Expo and are now here with them LIVE at Pasadena Comic Con & Toy Show as sat in their panels “Rise of the Latina Superhero.” These ladies have so much to teach us about Adelitas, Chicana culture, what women have been craving for in being represented in the superhero genre and the heritage/representation that they bring to this story. We are excited to have them here with us and follow along on social media @jaliscosuperhero @kaydenphoenix @amandajulina to find them at their next event as well as purchase the comic book! You can also do so at the link below:


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