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EP156 Jalisco: Kayden Phoenix & Amanda Julina Gonzalez

Writer, Kayden Phoenix, and Artist, Amanda Julina Gonzalez, of the Jalisco comic book series join us to share this story of a powerful Latina Superhero that fights crime through the tradition of folklorico dance. We recently met them at Long Beach Comic Expo and are now here with them LIVE at Pasadena Comic Con & Toy Show as sat in their panels “Rise of the Latina Superhero.” These ladies have so much to teach us about Adelitas, Chicana culture, what women have been craving for in being represented in the superhero genre and the heritage/representation that they bring to this story. We are excited to have them here with us and follow along on social media @jaliscosuperhero @kaydenphoenix @amandajulina to find them at their next event as well as purchase the comic book! You can also do so at the link below:

EP155 BandPay: DeCarlos Garrison

We are LIVE at NAMM 2020 in Anaheim, CA and we are joined by Co-Founder of The BandPay App, DeCarlos Garrison. The Brand new app that is geared specifically for the music industry. Learn all about the milestone and amount features that this app with provide. We also get into how they found the need for this app to be created, the music industry as a whole and how the journey of the development of this particular app has been for them so far! Follow along on social media for the official release date and all the upcoming details.

EP154 Brad Masters: Horrorwelt

Brad Masters plays the character, Thomas, in the Brand New Horrorwelt Film and he is taking the time to share his Epic Journey of making his way onto this project with us on this Episode! Brad does many things outside of acting in horror films such as currently playing the character of Dracula at Universal Studios Hollywood during the day. Find out how he first met director of Horrowelt, Larry Bones, and got involved in the Haunt Industry! You can join the Blutsauger Legion and support the making of the film at the link below:

EP153 Long Beach Comic Expo 2020 Review

We are rolling right along this year as I give my Full, Personally Review of Long Beach Comic Expo 2020! Got to met so many new friends, speak to the ones who put the show together, have some good times with friends, learn the details of C3 Comic Creators Conference and I am thrilled to continue to bring some of these people to show! I highly recommended checking out this show if possible. Follow them on Instagram @longbeachcomiccon twitter @LBComicCon and the links below:



EP152 Anime Los Angeles 2020 Review

Join me in a deep dive review of one of my new personal favorite conventions! This show is specifically for the hardcore fans of the anime culture! It is overwhelming great and centered around cosplay. There were so many well thought out elements to this convention and I can say that it truly healed my heart to get to experience it. Hear all about the attention to detail in this episode and follow them on Instagram @anime_los_angeles Twitter @AnimeLosAngeles and at the link below:


EP151 MAD Event Management: Martha Donato

Founder & President of MAD Event Management, Martha Donato joins us to discuss how she come to put together shows like Long Beach Comic Expo and Long Beach Comic Con. For her, it is all about building a community, supporting the artists and creating a safe space that is fun for the fans. We also discuss her brainchild project, Comic Creator Conference better known as C3, the event designed to connect comic creatives with other industry professionals. Find out how you can get involved and attend the shows in this episode! Follow along on social media @longbeachcomiccon and at the links below: