EP144 Decayed Brigade Southern California Sliders

For the first time ever, The Decayed Brigade is collectively sharing as a group the behind the scenes backstories that you have all been dying to hear! This is one of the most passionate, encouraging, tight-net crews I have ever come across and I am thrilled to back them to you right here on this episode of Tsunami Healing! They are a group of scare acting sliders that perform at multiple, different venues. I first saw them at Midsummer Scream and have been fascinated with them ever since. I have them here now and we get into how they first started, what kind of gear they use, what makes a character, what makes a good scare, what kind of training they are doing and much more! Follow them on Facebook & Instagram @decayedbrigadeofficial and find on YouTube @decayedbrigade Catch them at Midsummer Scream 2020 in the Hall of Shadows!

Members who shared on this episode:
Hybrid: Elijah Padilla
Nightmare: Naomi Haro
Ducky: Ruth Duckworth
Nonni: Veronica Nihart
Spaz: Gary Davis
Pipe & Drape: Casey Nihart
Pumpkin Spice: Kevin May