EP137 Shaul Guerrero

With the 14 Year Anniversary of Losing the Late, Great Eddie Guerrero recently, I got the opportunity to meet Shaul Guerrero and chat with her like long, lost friends at LA Comic Con! She truly is an Amazing Human Being and rather talented. We geeked over being scare actors at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights, heavy metal/rock music, the haunt/horror industry, how she got into dancing/being in the burlesque troupe: the  vaudettes, how she became the ring announcer for WOW Women of Wrestling, what her parents legacies mean to her, discovering her own path and much more!! Follow her on instagram @shaulguerrero twitter @guerrero_shaul and catch her announcing on WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV.

EXCUSE ME…Viva La Raza!!!

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