EP123 Comics Experience: Andy Schmidt

Owner & Founder of Comics Experience, Andy Schmidt, takes us to school on this episode of Tsunami Healing! Comics Experience is The Largest Online Comic Book Academy in the world. After leaving Marvel Comics as an Editor & Writer (Specifically of the Series Annihilation, which heavily inspired The Guardian of Galaxies Franchise) Andy decided he wanted to share the educational gift of comics with the world. Comics Experience was born and now includes online courses, live panels at comic conventions everywhere, a guide book to writing comics and the industry that is available whenever books are sold and a podcast that can be found on all podcast platforms. After wanting to write my own comics, stumbling upon Comics Experience online and listening to their podcast, I finally got to meet Andy at the official Comic Con in San Diego earlier this year. We go deep into all the details so tune into this episode right here! Be sure to follow them on social media @comicsexperience (@comicexperience on twitter, no “s” because it had to be shortened) and sign up for their next class if you are industry in getting into the comics industry at the link below:


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