EP109 Vice: Camille James Harman

She plays as the supporting lead role in the recent movie Vice alongside Christian Bale as Madam Mary Matalin…She is a working actress and started out on the East Coast. She was abducted by aliens?? Or was it a Demonic Possession??? She married an astrologist!? Camille James Harman and I recently met in a park in LA at a mutual friend’s birthday party and now she is sharing her journey of bizarre events right here on Tsunami Healing. This crazy journey brought us together that day and ultimately closer to God. Camille defiantly has a story to tell and I believe you will want to listen just like I did. On top of all of this, she is a mother, wife and did I mention a working actress who is already onto her next gig? So if you want to book for your next project, then follow her on social media @camillejamesharman and at the link below:


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