EP107 Sacrificial Pawn Productions: Sam Mason

Sam and I got to play as clowns on the set of “Secret Agent Dingledorf” together recently. We found out we were both horror fans and the rest is history! Now he is Rocking it out with us here on Tsunami Healing to share his journey to acting and what he is currently working on. Sam is the owner and founder of Sacrificial Pawn Productions, which is a full service independent production company. He also runs the Sacrificial Terror Podcast which can be found just about anywhere podcasts are available. If that wasn’t enough, him and son are starring in their feature film “Normal Terror” and we are diving in deep on All of these topics. Find out what keeps him motivated, inspired and much more on this episode! Be sure to follow him on social media IG:normal_terror_themovie FB: @newstylegorefilms & @sacrificialpawnproductions TW: @realsammason

You can also find him at the link below:

Sam Mason

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