Monthly Archives: August 2019

EP106 Booth Director: Everett Oliver

One of LA’s most respected and sought after voiceover coaches. A former booth director for the AVO talent agency, he has have worked for such high-profile animated series as Men in Black, Jackie Chan Adventures, The Simpsons, and King of the Hill, among many others. His name is Everett Oliver and he is sharing all of the behind the scene stories that we all want to know about his journey to coaching Voice Over Talents and Actors alike. Be sure to follow him on social media @myboothdirector and land on his website below:

EP105 Pole with Soul: Natalie Kabenjian

Natalie is an actor, writer, producer, coach and is truly out of this world! She is the sister I never had and she is Rocking out with us on this episode as she shares her journeys of dance, movement, acting and pole!! She recently wrote and produced her own film “Freaks and Animals” which stars many female performers as well as a badass female executive crew from Los Angeless Film. She is giving us all an inside look at the path that lead her to this Spectacular film that will be released soon. Enjoy the experience of Natalie and be sure to follow her on social media @kabenjian & @losangelessfilm

EP104 Gary Cairns ll

Gary Cairns is a working actor, writer and producer. His most notably role as a priest in Purgatory Road, which shook him to the core along with his fans and he is here today to share that journey with us. We discuss how acting is an exploration of the soul, the many faces you meet along the way, the healing aspects of that exploration and much more. Follow him on social media @garycairnsii

EP103 7 Pillars Acting: Sonya Cooke

Sonya Cooke has developed The 7 Pillars of Acting Curriculum and she is sharing her journey of what lead her to this astonishing combinations of methods with us! I crossed paths with Sonya by beginning my acting career by taking classes at the Actors Studio of Orange County. I am thankful I did because her and her husband, Brett Duggan, are now teaching at the 7 Pillars of Acting in Louisiana. Sonya still owns the acting schools she started in Orange County and Los Angeles, California. They are still open and classes are currently being offered. If you would like to take a class, then sign up at the links below:


EP102 Monster Madness: Alan Maxson

Fresh off his world tour in performing motion capture as the right head of King Ghirodah in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Alan Maxson joins us to share his Adventurous acting career. Some of his roles include the zombie in the opening sequence for AMC’s Visionaries: Eli Roth’s History of Horror, The Creature in Sugar Pine 7’s The Woods of the Alien in Set it Off’s hit music video, Lonely Dance just name a few. We are diving to into the range of opportunities he has had, when he first started, how we have teamed up to bring you this episode and much more! You can follow Alan on social media @monster_maxson and book him for your next project at the link below: