EP100 Father’s Love ASNF: Mr. Joey Castillo

Growing up I didn’t know my father very well. He was always in and out of my life and we never had the opportunity to build a relationship until one day I was simply curious. Then when I had him as a loving supportive parent, I almost lost him to cancer. So allow my father and I to share our journey of how anything is possible as we set our differences aside to have to loving, understanding conversation together after all these years! He’s a war hero and a good man. He is my dad and I am grateful, thankful and blessed to share our open, vulnerable relationship with all of you! If there is someone in your life you need to sit down and talk with, then we encourage you to do it. Because there is so much love that can be a possibility!! Allow me to introduce to you, my father, Joey Castillo.

One thought on “EP100 Father’s Love ASNF: Mr. Joey Castillo

  1. Super interview, A fathers love…and the reasons you don’t give up on your kids. Would have been easy to just walk away at times. Driving two thousand miles to visit your son, see him for 5 minutes then drive back to California and having to look for a new job. Very proud of you both.
    Thank you for your service.

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