Monthly Archives: July 2019

EP101 FanboyNation: RC Samo

Fanboy Nation & The Wave Healer Nation have collided, joined forces & created THE MEGA POWERS like  Hogan & Macho Man back in the 80’s…Holy Rusted Metal, Batman!! RC from Fanboy Nation chats with us about all of the fun stuff: comics, movies, music, sports and practically everything that this show includes. Join us as we report to you live from Cinemark in Bella Terra, Huntington Beach. Be sure to check out the website as they have much news for you following San Diego Comic Con 50!!

EP100 Father’s Love ASNF: Mr. Joey Castillo

Growing up I didn’t know my father very well. He was always in and out of my life and we never had the opportunity to build a relationship until one day I was simply curious. Then when I had him as a loving supportive parent, I almost lost him to cancer. So allow my father and I to share our journey of how anything is possible as we set our differences aside to have to loving, understanding conversation together after all these years! He’s a war hero and a good man. He is my dad and I am grateful, thankful and blessed to share our open, vulnerable relationship with all of you! If there is someone in your life you need to sit down and talk with, then we encourage you to do it. Because there is so much love that can be a possibility!! Allow me to introduce to you, my father, Joey Castillo.

EP99 Storm King Comics: Sandy King Carpenter

She is The Master of Horror alongside The One and Only John Carpenter. Now they are diving into the Comic Book World with their own publishing company, Storm King Comics. Sandy joins us to tell us all about her journey to the graphic novel, what you can expect from some of the content including the Asylum Series and some of the inspiration that sprouted these stories. Experience how comics books and creative expression through Art brings our differing Spirituals beliefs beyond each other as two human beings who love Horror Stories in an open, vulnerable way!! Be sure to stop by and see them at Booth 2205 at San Diego Comic Con 2019 to pick up all your favorite horror comics books. Also follow them on social media @stormkingcomics and at the link below:


EP98 Holistic Chamber of Commerce: Nikki Buckstead

She is the current President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Huntington Beach, Co-Author of “The Recipe for Success” alongside Jack Canfield, Certified Mediation Coach through the Deepak Chopra Center and a Life/Transformation Coach. Now she is here sharing all of that and her journey to this path. Please welcome, Nikki Buckstead to The Wavehealernation!! We get into the experience of being President of the HCC HB Chapter, how important self care is in this modern era, what Holistic actually means and much more. If you would like to order her book, do a coaching session or workshop with Nikki or join the HCC then you can do so at the links below:


EP97 FilAm Creative Voices

Arlyn Dela Pena & Walter, producers of FilAm Creative Voices & Pangeekery Podcast, join me to share their journey into the Entertainment Industry. We dive deep into the Filipino culture, what is great and what is missing in Hollywood today, what has made them who they are today, what FilAm is ALL about and how you can become connected into the community. Make sure you follow them on social media @filamcreative_voices @filamcreative @pangeekery

EP96 Wilsonart Product Director: Ricky Crowe

Ricky Crowe from Wilsonart joins us at the National Sales Meeting in Dallas, TX. Ricky wears many different hats at Wilsonart but has taken some time to share with us what he does outside of the everyday 9-5. Ricky performs in a Vaudeville Comedy Show, is working on several different projects, is a public speaker and has great insight to many different topics. Join us to see how this improv journey has been therapeutic for him and how he incorporates elements of his performances into everything that he does on a daily basis. You can reach Ricky best on Linkedin.