EP72 ATAEC Studios: Eric Hinwood

Writer, Producer, Director: Eric Hinwood of ATAEC Studios joins us to share his journey studying and producing film. ATAEC Studios was founded by 5 aspiring actors and filmmakers in Salinas California in March 2009 for a short film, produced it’s first feature in 2012, and turned 10 on March 15th of this year. Aaron Shi, Tyler Zenda, Ammon Hardy, Eric Hinwood, and Collin McDowell were the five founders, and although Hinwood is the only one of the 5 who runs the company as the others moved to different industries, he continues to use the original name out of respect for the other four and the awareness that ATAEC Studios could never have started without their support. As of today, ATAEC Studios has produced 2 features, 16 shorts, 3 music videos, and various other smaller projects. Hinwood has directed every project but two: the last short film directed by the late John G. Avildsen and a short film directed by Michael Anda.Be sure to follow Eric on social media @erichinwood & @ataec_studios

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