EP70 Hollywood Jane Revue: Blanche Bourgeois

The Hollywood Jane Revue is a Los Angeles based burlesque show produced by Blanche Bourgeois. Approaching their 6th anniversary, the Hollywood Jane Revue is known for their weird, wacky, and theatrical show, and themes such as their Jurassic Park parody burlesque show “Jurassic Peek”, their Sci Fi Show “Science Friction burlesque”, and their recently debuted show “Yacht Rock Burlesque”. The Hollywood Jane Revue features many award winning performers, and was named one of the best burlesque shows in Los Angeles by Thrillist.com. And we have Blanche herself along with performers “Lemi Atom” & “Caramel Knowledge” to share their personal journeys in the troupe with us today! Be sure to go check out their upcoming wrestling burlesque show “Faces in Heels” on April 2, 2019. To get tickets to this show and all the rest of their upcoming shows, go to the link below. Follow them on social media @hollywood_jane_revue


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