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EP72 ATAEC Studios: Eric Hinwood

Writer, Producer, Director: Eric Hinwood of ATAEC Studios joins us to share his journey studying and producing film. ATAEC Studios was founded by 5 aspiring actors and filmmakers in Salinas California in March 2009 for a short film, produced it’s first feature in 2012, and turned 10 on March 15th of this year. Aaron Shi, Tyler Zenda, Ammon Hardy, Eric Hinwood, and Collin McDowell were the five founders, and although Hinwood is the only one of the 5 who runs the company as the others moved to different industries, he continues to use the original name out of respect for the other four and the awareness that ATAEC Studios could never have started without their support. As of today, ATAEC Studios has produced 2 features, 16 shorts, 3 music videos, and various other smaller projects. Hinwood has directed every project but two: the last short film directed by the late John G. Avildsen and a short film directed by Michael Anda.Be sure to follow Eric on social media @erichinwood & @ataec_studios

EP71 Rhythm City: Jake Pesquira

Choreographer at Rhythm City Entertainment and Dance Director at Cirkiz Kids Events NYC, Jake Pesquira joins us to share his journey of dance. From this long road traveled, he has been a part of International Dance Projects, competed  in multiple competitions, been in many dance/music videos, worked with children and worked with world renowned artists like Domo. We get into all of that here and why dancing feeds his soul on this episode. If you would like to reach out to him to collaborate on a project and/or be in the know of what he is working on, then follow him on instagram @jakepesquira

EP70 Hollywood Jane Revue: Blanche Bourgeois

The Hollywood Jane Revue is a Los Angeles based burlesque show produced by Blanche Bourgeois. Approaching their 6th anniversary, the Hollywood Jane Revue is known for their weird, wacky, and theatrical show, and themes such as their Jurassic Park parody burlesque show “Jurassic Peek”, their Sci Fi Show “Science Friction burlesque”, and their recently debuted show “Yacht Rock Burlesque”. The Hollywood Jane Revue features many award winning performers, and was named one of the best burlesque shows in Los Angeles by And we have Blanche herself along with performers “Lemi Atom” & “Caramel Knowledge” to share their personal journeys in the troupe with us today! Be sure to go check out their upcoming wrestling burlesque show “Faces in Heels” on April 2, 2019. To get tickets to this show and all the rest of their upcoming shows, go to the link below. Follow them on social media @hollywood_jane_revue


EP69 Tsunami Healing Turns 1 Year Old! ft. Self Love Story’s Amelia Fortes

The Special One Year Anniversary Episode is here!! Self Love Story CEO & Producer, Amelia Fortes, joins us to share All of the projects she is currently releasing and sharing her experience of Tsunami Healing from the backstage! Hear all of the juicy details, sign up for her weekly healing circle, get her brand new Self Love Activation Oracle Cards and celebrate this moment in history with us! Be sure to follow Amelia on social media @theameliafortes and stay up to date at the link below.


EP68 Latinx Comic Book Artist: Jules Rivera

Jules Rivera, a Latinx Female Engineer turned comic book artist joins us today to share her journey of becoming an independent artist. She has produced the comic book series Valkyrie Squadron, Misfortune High, Love Joolz and is currently working on Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl. She creates graphic novels, illustrations and tutorial videos to say the least. Her work centers on sci-fi, fantasy, and cartoony fun everyone can enjoy. She also has Really Cool Green Hair, which she not only shared the story behind it on this episode but also has a whole comic book about it (Love Joolz). Follow her on all social media platforms including youtube @julesrivera join her on patreon ( to get the exclusives and stay up to date on all her projects at the link below!

EP67 Flashback Wrestling: Wesly Avendano

Host and Producer of the Flashback Wrestling Podcast, Wesly Avendano, joins us today. We are talking about how he got started with his podcast, what makes it standout from other wrestling podcasts, his take on the wrestling and sports entertainment industry currently, how he chooses his content and much more! I have been on his show twice now to discuss former wrestlers Doink the Clown (Episode 30) and Earthquake (Episode 33) so I had to have him here on Tsunami Healing! We could talk wrestling all day but for now be sure to check out his podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Google Play and at the link below. Also make sure you follow him on Twitter @fbwpodcast and on Instagram @flashbackwrestling to get in on all the action!