EP58 Cartoonist: Javier Hernandez

Co-Founder of the Latino Comics Expo, Javier Hernandez joins us today to share his journey of being an independent artist and educator. Recently I sat in on his panel at LA Comic Con and could not be more excited to bring his story to all of you! Last Year he celebrated the 20th Anniversary of his signature character with the release of the graphic novel DAZE OF THE DEAD as well as a new comic called EL MUERTO REQUIEM. Oh Yes! If you have been searching for some Awesome Hispanic, Underground Comics like me done by multicultural artists themselves, then your quest is Over!!! He has been  teaching comic book workshops throughout California and just began lecturing at universities and museums on the history of Latinos in comics. On top of all of that, he is a huge wrestling fan just like me and we dive into all of these topics right here on this very episode!

Be sure to follow him on Instagram: @javierloscomex And If you want to follow, buy his comics, book him for any business inquires or just reach out in any way then you can find Javier at the link below:



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