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EP56 Original Glow Girls

All my wrestling fans, I have some of the Original Glow Girls from the television show back in the 1980’s joining me here today to give All of the Backstage details, stories and what Really happened with the All Women’s Wrestling Hit that is “Glow.” You may have seen episodes on Netflix or seen the documentary but these are the Official, Original Ladies. They were there on Day 1 from the Original Show and we are getting it correct on what actually went down back in September of 1985. Joining me is The Royal Hawaiin (April Enriquez), Hollywood (Jeanne Basone), Tonya The Russian (Noelle Rose) and Cheryl Lighting Rusa. To stay up to date with all things Original Glow then see the link below and be sure to be on the cruise with them coming up in September of 2019!

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EP55 Movie Trailer SOVAS Award Nominee: Kevin Horton

Recently Nominated for Best Voice Over for Outstanding Movie Trailer for “Uride” through the Society of Voice Arts and Science (SOVAS) Award, Kevin Horton joins us today to discuss his journey to the back lot of Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California. I got to be Kevin’s Right Hand Man as we traveled to the “That’s Voice Over: Career Expo” & The SOVAS Award Ceremony together in honor of Kevin’s Nomination. Although he did not win, a beautiful story emerged, friendships were made, lessons were learned and we share all the insider details of this trip that will never be replaced. Thank you again to Joan Baker & Rudy Gaskins for a Wonderful Weekend and We hope you enjoy!!

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EP54 Living Dead Drummer: Nick Mason

Live from his recording studio in North Hollywood, The Living Dead Drummer himself, Nick Mason, joins myself and co-host The Teller of Tales to share his Epic journey to the drums. As current drummer of the band Rhythm Coffin, we discuss horror, scare acting, the music industry, and our shared love of the drums. Of course there is much more packed in this episode, so tune in and enjoy! Be sure to connect with Nick at the link below and on all social media platforms: @livingdeaddrummer