EP51 Dark Harbor’s Scary Mary: Chameleon Sam

The Girl Behind The Mask of Dark Harbor’s Scary Mary, Chameleon Sam, joins us today to share her story behind the chaos of what it is like to play this Horrifying character. Not only does she wreck Havoc on The Queen Mary but she also is a performer in Santa Ana, California as K.A.O.S in The Rocky Horror Theatrical Play. Find out how she became a Household Name at Midsummer Scream, got cast as the part and yet feel the gentleness of her kind, sweet soul in this episode!! Be sure to experience her in The Lullaby Maze at Dark Harbor in 2019 and follow her on instagram to keep up with all the macabre: @awkwardsupervillian

Find Tickets to Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Event in the Fall Season at the link below:


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