EP50 Allison Fox: NBCUniversal

Show Director of NBCUniversal Studios Hollywood, Allison Fox, joins us on this Special 50th Episode of Tsunami Healing. We discuss her love for theme parks, her love for characters that freely roam the parks, the people behind the masks who play those characters, her experiences in casting for Marquee events and of course Halloween Horror Nights. Find out how our paths crossed in this Epic Journey and learn so much more in this particular show that is filled with Love, Sparkles, Glitter and Fun times! Scott Kleckner…You’re Next!! #2019

EP49 Thug Child: Dr. Nathan NeJuan

Founder & CEO of Gifted-Motivation Company “Thug Child” Dr. Nathan NeJuan joins us today. We discuss his journey to  self-love, the road to his title of Dr, overcoming his challenges in the classroom, what it means to heal your broken, inner child and much more! Book a session with Dr. Nathan now and keep up to date with all his upcoming events, opportunities and give yourself the gift of motivational resources that speak to the parts of you that you may have not even discovered yet at the link below:



EP48 God Got Us: LaQuan Stevens

It is the One Year Anniversary of the Clothing, Apparel Line “God Got Us” (GGU) and Owner and Founder, LaQuan Stevens, is here to share his journey of launching this Brand/Lifestyle of his. We get into where he comes from, what gave him the idea to move boldly in his purpose to launch this company, what plans he has for the future and much more! Make sure you grab some of the freshest gear on the market at the link below if you know God’s Got You on this one and stay in touch with LaQuan through the website, instagram and on twitter: @GodGotUS_ & @quannybravo


EP47 FFNR: Zac Evans

Studio Producer: Simba.Got.It., Zac Evans joins us today to share his Brand: Fly For No Reason (FFNR). We talk about the Mindset & Lifestyle of the Brand, all of his musical experiences, his songs and collaborations that are available on All music platforms, our days as college roommates at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, performing around campus in our R&B & Rap group together and much more! Be sure to check out his music, FFNR merchandise and upcoming events at the link below. You can also find him on Instagram @simba.got.it


EP46 Jump Scare Factory: Kyle Tague

Kyle Tague just finished his 3rd season as a Scare Actor at Universal Studios Hollywood: Halloween Horror Nights and is here today to tell us about his experience in the Horror Industry, working for Major Film Production Companies like Blumhouse & Lions Gate, being in the Themed Entertainment Industry at Rhetroactive, his own Horror Short Films “Jump Scare Factory” and much more!! See what it takes to make it out here in Southern California…We hope you Enjoy!

Kyle can be best reached on Twitter @kyletague & Be sure to catch all his latest films at the link below:



EP45 AudFaced: Cat Tanchanco

Special Effects Makeup Artist and Owner of AudFaced & Self Love Brand, SpunkMind…..Cat Tanchanco joins us today!! We get into the nitty gritty of her time as a Scare Actor at Six Flags Magic Mountain, her them park tour and her being starting out as a makeup artist at these parks, the journey of her being a leader as a women of color, her brand new brand SpunkMind which is based on Self Love & Healing, Her AMAZING YouTube Channel that films mini movies out of makeup tutorials, and soooo much more. Check it out and be sure to stay in contact with her on all social media platforms: @audfaced On Instagram @spunkmind Email: audfaced@gmail.com And at the link below:




EP44 Stephy Slays: WOW Superheroes

Stephy Slays from WOW Superheroes joins me LIVE from Comic Con LA to tell us her story of how she overcame depression, pushed herself beyond her limits, became a Powerful Women of Color in this Sports Entertainment Industry, what it is like being the youngest girl on the roster and much more in this episode! Jeanie Buss & David McLane present WOW Superheroes, an all Women’s Wrestling Promotion that is coming to AXS TV in January 2019! Stay tuned to find out all the details at the link below and be sure to follow Stephy Slays on all social media platforms @wow_stephanie



EP43 Kiera “Fire” Hogan: WOW Superheroes

Jeanie Buss & David McLane present WOW Superheroes, an All Women’s Wrestling Promotion that is coming to AXS TV in January 2019! I had the Pleasure of interviewing The Star of the Show: Kiera Hogan. Coming to you LIVE from Comic Con LA, we discuss her inspiration for her character “Fire”, how she first got involved in wrestling/sports entertainment, what it is like being a female leader of color in this crazy industry and some of her upcoming matches to watch out for!! Be sure to follow her on instagram @hoganknowsbest18 & on twitter @hoganknowbest3 and stay up to date with all the details of the matches at the link below:



EP42 CEO & Co-Founder of Legion M: Paul Scanlan

Introducing the World’s First Fan-Owned Entertainment Company: Legion M! Hear all about how they are using disruptive new equity crowdfunding laws that allow people to invest as little as $100 to own a piece of the company. They are partnering with All sorts of Top Hollywood Creators from Independent Filmmakers to Giant Hollywood Studios. Join me in my interview LIVE from Comic Con LA with CEO & Cofounder of Legion M, Paul Scanlan, as he guides us through what has brought this platform to life and how someone like you out there listening can get involved!! Get all the juicy details at the link below and follow Legion M on all social media platforms @legionmofficial



EP41 Ming Chen: Comic Book Men

LIVE from Comic Con LA, I got the chance to Kick it with Ming Chen from AMC’s Comic Book Men. His High Energy and Passion for connecting with the fans is like none other!! We dive into, some of the favorite moments on the show, how podcasting is his new favorite therapy and how the comic book industry is changing in these millennial days of representation matters. Be sure to catch him and all the rest of the guys in the famous comic book store in New Jersery on the show through AMC at the link below. And find him on Twitter & Instagram: @mingchen37